understanding your door and window sensors

understanding your door and window sensors

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

you might think you know everything there is to know about your door and window sensors. after all, how much can there be to a sensor that small? as it turns out, you might be surprised.

obviously, we want our door and window sensors to monitor your doors and windows. and they’re really good at it. they protect your home’s major entry and exit points using a magnetic contact. basically, the door and window sensor is comprised of two parts: one piece that’s attached to your door or window frame and a piece that’s attached to the door or window itself. when the door or window is opened, the magnetic connection is broken, and the sensor alerts your panel.

you might be thinking, that’s probably all that they do, right? wrong! these little sensors can use that same technology to protect any sensitive area of your home. because the door and window sensors “talk” to your panel, and your panel talks to you, you basically have a direct view into what’s happening in your home all the time.

if you have kids in the house, you can put them on cabinet doors to make sure they don’t get into the cleaning supplies. if you care for elderly parents or relatives, you can put the sensors on medicine cupboards so you know that they’ve taken their medication. you can even put them on treat or pantry doors to help you stick to your latest diet. the ways you can use them is only limited by your imagination because you can program your system to send you alerts when any type of door or window is opened.

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