not all thermostats are smart – but ours is!

not all thermostats are smart – but ours is!

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

there’s a lot of buzz out there right now around “smart” thermostats. they’re all over the internet, they’re getting sold in hardware stores, and they’re even gracing the pages of tech magazines. but here’s the thing—not all smart thermostats are created equal. check out the list below to see what you should look for when purchasing a smart thermostat and how the vivint smart thermostat is actually smart.

a smart thermostat should be …

programmable: the truth is, today a thermostat isn’t smart unless it’s programmable. the good news is, most of them are. but many don’t come with recommendations or pre-programmed schedules to help you save as much energy as possible.

mobile: a thermostat isn’t that smart if the only way you can control it is through an old-fashioned console stuck to your wall. you’re always on the go and you should be able to save energy wherever you are. so you want a thermostat that’s integrated with a mobile app or website.

vivint’s smart thermostat is completely integrated into the rest of the vivint smart home system. that means you can control your home’s temperature from anywhere. and, of course, it gives you the flexibility to warm the house up on the way from the airport or turn down the heat from the comfort of your bed.

integrated: it’s cliché but it’s true—nobody does it alone. and it’s as true for thermostats as it is for people. a smart thermostat should know what the rest of your house is doing so you get maximum value.

that’s why vivint’s smart thermostat “talks” to the rest of your vivint system. you can set it up so when you arm your security, your thermostat turns up. or when you leave, it turns down. that way, even if you forget, your house is always comfortable.

knowledgable: knowing and learning are two different things. when you’re learning, you’ll tend to make more mistakes, waste more time, and generally be less efficient. but when you already know, you’re completely on top of things.

that’s the different between vivint’s smart thermostat and some of the thermostats that learn. your vivint thermostat doesn’t have to guess or learn—it already knows because you’ve tuned it to your exact patterns and schedules.