it’s getting cold outside … are you ready?

it’s getting cold outside … are you ready?

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

 temperatures are dropping across the country. in fact, in the next few weeks, most of the us is preparing for an “arctic outbreak.”and while that means warm fires and hot chocolate at night, it also means more expensive utility bills.

luckily, vivint’s thermostat is programmable, helping you stay warm while saving money—from 5-15% a year! you can set customized schedules so the heat is on higher while you’re up during the day, lower when you’re sleeping at night, and even lower when nobody’s home. and don’t worry. it’s just an urban myth that you’ll spend more heating the house up if you let it get a little colder. the truth is that lower the internal temperature of your home, the slower you lose heat. so don’t be afraid to set an aggressive schedule.

here’s how to do it from your app:

–        log in to your app.

–        go to the settings menu.

–        choose settings


–        under devices, choose thermostat.

2 3

–        make sure mode is turned to heat.


–        make sure hold is by schedule.

–        if you scroll down, you’ll see a schedule of weekdays and weekends. you can use this screen to adjust when the heat comes on, how high it goes, and when it turns back down.


for more detailed instructions on how to set your programmable thermostat for the winter weather, visit