help! my door and window sensors are sending false alarms

help! my door and window sensors are sending false alarms

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

technology is just one of those things—when it works, it’s amazing. when it doesn’t, well, it’s not so amazing.that’s why we try to keep all of our products simple, so even when you receive a message you don’t understand, it’s easy to fix. let’s take a look at why your door and window sensors might be sending you false alarms.

your door or window is open

that seems like common sense, i know. but our sensors are incredibly sensitive—for a reason. they keep you safe. your door or window only has to be open a crack for a sensor to trigger. sometimes even a strong storm or wind can push doors open in the doorframe, which creates a gap. so if you’re receiving a false alarm from your door or window sensor, check to make sure your door or window is completely closed.

your battery is low

sometimes when you receive a false alarm from a door or window sensor it’s because the battery on your sensor is low. luckily, this isn’t hard to fix and we have step-by-step instructions on how to replace your batteries here.

your sensor or magnet has fallen off the door

this is actually the most common reason for a false alarm on a door or window sensor. sometimes the adhesive your field service professional uses to attach the magnet or sensor to your frame will come unstuck. all you need to do is find it and stick it back on the door. if you’re having trouble reattaching it, feel free to call customer care.