creating beauty for the terminally ill

creating beauty for the terminally ill

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

there are few services that can compare to helping the terminally ill. over the summer, the families of sales representatives in calgary, alberta, canada, wanted to give back to their temporary community in a meaningful way. the vivint families chose to volunteer at agape hospice, a home run by the salvation army that provides a comfortable environment for terminally people as they near the end of their lives.

the hospice home prides itself on providing not only a comfortable, but also a beautiful place for terminally ill individuals to live out their final days. one of the crown jewels of the center is a garden where those living at the home go to enjoy the beauty, reflect, and find peace. vivint volunteers were honored to help maintain the reverence and beauty of the hospice gardens. volunteers weeded, pruned, and planted, all while thinking about the people they were serving.

said volunteer brittany king, “because we knew that the garden was an area where those that are terminally ill come to reflect on their lives, we knew it was to be treated with reverence. we carefully tilled the ground, and as we planted every flower, we understood we were creating life where life was taken.”

volunteers were also grateful for the opportunity to involve their children in the service project and teach them the importance of giving back.

“the children enjoyed caring for the garden and serving those around them,” said king. “it was a great place to teach our children the importance of giving back to our community and loving the earth we have been given to enjoy. this activity was so uplifting and truly made us appreciate the lives we have.”