with you every step of the way

with you every step of the way

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

“the system is well worth it as we found out the other morning. early in the morning we were awakened by the smoke detector going off. we evacuated the house. on the way out, i hit the fire alarm button on the panel. i heard the phone ring inside and right after vivint called my cell phone. vivint dispatched the fire department and stayed with me on the line until they came. it really did help that when they called they stayed on the phone.”

“we use the thermostat to save energy by the season and we have a different schedule for the weekend. we can control the system online if we forget to adjust it before we left. ”

“if we have an issue with our system, the vivint representatives are always very prompt and polite. if they can’t fix it on the phone, they’ll send a technician out. we are well pleased with our system.”

mystory is a program created to share the real experiences of vivint customers. mystory messages connect the vivint team to our customers and show the difference we make in customer’s homes, families, and lives as we strive to provide exceptional service. this week is a comment from douglas d. of knoxville, tennessee.