why we wanted a home automation system

why we wanted a home automation system

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

i have been salivating over the concept of home automation since i first saw it in speculative children’s book in the 80’s. in the book, there was a big control panel next to the bed that controlled all the lights in the house, entertainment devices and some kind of automatic food-making machine. the idea that i could cook food and turn stuff on and off while laying in bed seemed like the very cornerstone of any worthwhile utopian future. who wouldn’t want that??

as a grown up, my wish list of ways to remotely control my house has gotten a little more practical but no less awesome, though i still wouldn’t mind an automatic food-making machine.

being able to control my home from the comfort of my bed is no longer my primary concern. instead, i worry about just how often the neighbor kid is coming over to check on the dog while we are out of town. i want to be able to keep my home secure but still have a reliable way for my kids to get in when i’m not there, or a neighbor in the case of an emergency. i don’t want to worry about who has my garage code or whether the last person to use the spare key put it back.

i wish that i could save money on my air conditioning bill while i’m on a summer vacation but not have to come home to a face-melting inferno.

i can remotely control and schedule just about everything i interact with on a daily basis. my phone, my calendar, the software i use and the websites i visit all allow me to update settings and schedule functionality so that everything just works and i don’t have to think about it any more. wanting to control and secure my home in the same way doesn’t feel like a futuristic fantasy anymore. it feels long overdue. and that’s why i want a home automation system.

why did you want a home automation system?