saving more than lives

saving more than lives

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

“i just wanted to let everyone know that i absolutely love vivint’s products and services! the email notification system and panel feedback messaging system is quick, accurate and most helpful. the thermostat control is saving me at least $60.00/mo. since installation, which practically pays for the cost of monitoring. also, i wasn’t even aware that a tornado was about to pass through my neighborhood until vivint’s weather alarm notification sounded and recommended immediate action to move to a safe place just in time.

“recently, a construction crew unknowingly cut the entire power supply to the house while i was at work. this triggered an alarm with vivint, and i was able to have the crew reconnect my power in a timely manner. thanks vivint for all that you do for your customers! i really feel safe and cared for by your services.”

—laurie w., leeds, al

mystory is a program created to share the real experiences of vivint customers. mystory messages connect the vivint team to our customers and show the difference we make in customer’s homes, families, and lives as we strive to provide exceptional service. this week is a comment from laurie w. of leeds, alabama.