hear from our employees

hear from our employees

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

customers are our priority here at vivint. in fact, customer obsession is one of our company values second only to serving with honesty and integrity. every role at vivint has an important impact on the customer and we believe that makes our work meaningful. our employees may install equipment, help resolve service issues or be the life-saving link in an emergency. they may think about customers even before they’ve joined the vivint family- developing products, processes or materials that improve the customer journey. whatever it is our employees do, each has a unique opportunity to focus on those we serve as they strive to always provide exceptional customer experience.

we asked some of our employees to share an experience of how working with customers has made their work more meaningful. you can read their stories below.

“recently i’ve been working optimizations to our vivint internet rooftop antennas. i’ve been in neighborhoods, on roofs, and in the homes of our customers researching the best solution. i’ve observed and experienced first hand opportunities for improvement and gone back to my desk to prototype solutions. i’ve only been a small part of the greater design, engineering and development team and i enjoy that our job together is working to make vivint products awesome gifts for our customers.”

stephen b., industrial design

“my kids ask me what i do at work and i tell them that i watch over homes to make sure they are okay. i tell them that when people are in trouble they use the system to call me for help and i send out help to those in need. i love talking to our customers and hearing them say we saved their life or home. i even like the false alarms, we are giving them confidence that their home is being watched over.”

jessica g., monitoring

“recently, i had the pleasure of completing an installation for a sweet elderly woman.  she was looking for some sense of security as her husband had recently passed away. after i completed the installation, i educated her on the system and helped her become comfortable operating the panel.  she was very pleased with the overall ease of use of the system- from the panel and home automation equipment to all of the online features.  it was an extremely gratifying experience to be able to help such a kind person feel secure in such a time of hardship.  what’s even better is that i had a trainee with me and he got to see what vivint is really all about- protecting our customers and providing peace of mind while providing world class customer service!”

ryan k., field service

“once while responding to an alarm activation, i was surprised to speak with a young child over the intercom on the panel. he had woken up, found himself at home alone, and hit the alarm because he was frightened. i was able to stay on the line with him and keep him calm while another representative called his parents and notified them of the situation. it was a simple experience, but it goes to show the profound influence we have on our customers’ lives every day. it’s a privilege to help our customers, young and old, feel safe and protected.”

jared a., monitoring

“i spoke to deborah this morning and she was so happy to renew with vivint. she also wanted to make sure we contacted her mum about renewing her service. deborah explained that she loved vivint because anytime time she calls in we are pleasant and courteous and that for the peace of mind she has from having the protection in her home. it was a pleasure talking to deborah on the phone this morning, knowing that vivint was able to continue providing protection in her home.”

rochelle p., customer loyalty

“i spoke with a customer not too long ago who was having a really hard time. she had lost her job and her mother in the same week. she was behind on her bill and called to resolve it. i was able to help her and she was so happy to know we are her to simplify lives as promised.”

sabrina v., customer care