optimizing your electronic door lock

optimizing your electronic door lock

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

at vivint, we are all for making your system your own. your home is as unique as you are, and your vivint system should reflect that. you shouldn’t have to leave the default settings on any of your devices, but especially not your door lock. here are just a few ways you can customize your door lock to fit your lifestyle. and as an added bonus? they’ll even help to conserve your batteries, too. we like to call that a win-win.

adjust the beeping

by default, your door lock will beep any time a button is pressed. you can learn how to easily turn the beeping off by clicking here.

turn off the led light

the light on the back of your door will blink every 10 seconds by default indicating the status of your door. if you do not need this light to blink, you can learn how to turn it off by clicking here. 

disable auto lock

auto lock means that your door lock will automatically lock after 30 seconds of being left in the unlocked state. to learn how to disable this feature, click here. 

completing one or all of these is a great way to customize your system to fit your lifestyle and will help your batteries last a little longer.