using your flood/freeze sensor

using your flood/freeze sensor

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

coming home to find a foot of water in your basement is the one of the worst feelings. it’s stressful and expensive. but did you know that vivint offers a preventative alternative? instead of coming home to an awful surprise, why not prevent it?

the vivint flood/freeze sensor is a simple detector. it constantly monitors your home for signs of moisture or for when temperatures drop too low and your home is at risk of having a pipe burst. when it detects either of those scenarios, it will alert you immediately so you can take action before it’s too late.

it can be installed in basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or anywhere else there is a threat of water damage.

one of our customers has had a great experience with his flood/freeze sensor. you can read his story below.

“we just had our vivint system installed a week ago and it has already paid for itself.

just before the long weekend, we had multiple days of heavy rainfall. before leaving for work friday morning i decided to move the security camera to the basement, and later that morning after checking the camera multiple times on my phone, it was clear that the water was starting to reach the basement floor. i promptly went home and stopped the flooding in time to save the carpet.

to add to the complexity, my wife and i had planned to meet my parents out of town that night to pick up our son, but the basement was keeping us busy turning the pump on and off. my son was heartbroken when we told him he’d have to wait until the morning because we had to keep an eye on the water pump in the basement. then i started thinking about the ‘home automation system’ some more and realized i also had a small utility switch that could be controlled remotely using the small appliance control.

we were able to pick up our son two hours away, stay the night, return the next day, and stay on top of the basement water situation. in short, it saved the day. seems like the sky is the limit with this amazing home automation stuff.”

matt e., calgary, alberta