the truth about smoke detectors

the truth about smoke detectors

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

you may think that all smoke detectors are created equal. and in a lot of ways, they are. most smoke detectors monitor for smoke in the home—but did you know there’s a lot more to fire safety than just knowing if there’s smoke in your house? fun fact: if you keep reading, i’ll walk you through what to look for in a smoke detector, what the differences are, and how to keep your family safe with the best solution.

unmonitored smoke detectors

if you’re wondering what i mean by “unmonitored smoke detectors,” just walk down the aisle at your local hardware store. there will be dozens of options to choose from. unmonitored smoke detectors can run on batteries or they can be hard wired, and may or may not have photoelectric detectors (detectors that detect changes in heat as well as smoke).

there are two important things to note with unmonitored smoke detectors. first, they have no way of alerting you that the battery is low, except that really super annoying beeping that keeps you awake all night and makes you want to throw things until you get so mad you just rip the stupid thing off the ceiling.

second, and i know this seems obvious from the name, but they’re unmonitored. this means that they will alert whoever is in the house that there is a fire, but are not monitored by trained professionals who will dispatch the fire department or other emergency responders in the event of an emergency situation.

vivint firefighter

so … you already have a system of hardwired smoke detectors and you don’t want to replace them. but you do want them to be monitored by vivint like the rest of your home. luckily, there’s a solution. the vivint firefighter is a small sensor that a vivint field service professional will install next to one of your existing wired detectors. if any of your smoke detectors are triggered, the firefighter will hear the alert and tell the touchscreen panel. the panel, of course, is connected to our network of monitoring professionals. the firefighter adds another layer of fire prevention and protection, ensuring the safety of everyone in the home.

vivint monitored smoke detectors

finally, there are vivint smoke detectors. these detectors come with all the features of an off-the-shelf solution (including photoelectric sensors), but they’re also monitored 24x7x365 by our team of monitoring professionals. this means that if there’s a fire in your home, whether you’re there or not, emergency personnel will be alerted. another perk is that if your smoke detector batteries are low, you won’t get an annoying beep that will never shut off. you’ll just get a notification to your panel or your mobile app letting you know the batteries need to be changed.

of course, we hope that you never need to use any of these detectors. but it’s always good to be prepared with the right equipment. questions? check out for more information.