senior citizen’s day

senior citizen’s day

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

at vivint, finding creative solutions that increase the safety and security of senior citizens is a priority. and we’re finding that creating technology that is both easy to understand and easy to use, we’re able to help many senior citizens stay comfortably and confidently in their homes and out of nursing facilities for months or even years.

“aging in place” is very important to many people as a way to preserve their independence for as long as possible, but financially it makes a lot of sense as well, since the price of nursing facilities can be as much as several thousand dollars per month.

in addition to the security system and remote access features, vivint also offers a medical pendant that seniors can wear around their neck and press in a moment of duress or medical emergency.

trudy k., age 83, of hot springs national park, arkansas, added vivint’s intelligent security system, including a centralized panel, automated door locks, alarms, motion detectors and a variety of sensors, to her home. she did this to maximize her and her husband’s safety as they advanced in years. she shares her experience: “i only had vivint for about a month when i needed to call the ambulance for my husband,” said trudy. “he had a high fever and started shaking violently, so i hit the ‘panic’ button on my panel, and within a split second someone was there to help me.”

vivint’s smart home technologies can provide peace-of-mind to caregivers as well as family members through real-time monitoring and communication services. vivint also offers:

  • cameras and motion sensors monitor movement throughout the home
  • cabinet door sensors that monitor access to potentially harmful drugs and cleaning supplies
  • smart thermostat to monitor temperatures inside the home
  • small appliance controls that allow homeowners to shut down any device that might pose a safety risk
  • medical pendant that transmits an emergency signal from any location in the home