safe places to put your motion detectors

safe places to put your motion detectors

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

motion detectors are an integral part of our vivint home automation system. together with door and window sensors, our touchscreen panel, video camera and more, my mind is at ease and our home feels safe and secure.

vivint motion detectors use infrared technology, a wireless signal range, and a 90 degree lookdown to ensure that intruders cannot pass by unnoticed. with a 110 degree wide-angle spread and up to a 50 foot range, the detectors are tamper-proof and fully monitored by vivint support. if the detector is triggered, the panel will connect you to the central monitoring station immediately. even more, they are immune to pets under 55 lbs, so you don’t have to worry about your four-legged family members causing false alarms!

i love that the motion detector is white and blends seamlessly into our home. it’s small and hardly even noticeable! whether we are home or not, at any time, we can check the last time our motion detector was activated using the vivint mobile app, which is super helpful.

the most common points of entry for burglaries are the front door, back or side door, or first floor off-street windows. consider placing sensors, cameras, and motion detectors near the basement stairs, garage, and backyard or side gate. the typical path is for a burglar to visit the master bedroom, home office, and formal living room.

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