here to help

here to help

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

whether you’re home or away, you can always have peace of mind.

here’s just one example of a vivint customer who’s using his system to stay safe while on the move:

“i had vivint install an alarm system in my home a few years back. at first i was skeptical and really didn’t want the system, but i went ahead and got it installed. shortly after, i got a job that requires me to work overseas. because i live by myself, it meant that my home would be vacant every other month. at that point, the system gave me peace of mind while i was away. today, however, as far as i am concerned, the system has just paid for itself tenfold.”

“i am currently out of the country for work. this morning, i received an email from vivint that my glass break detector went off at 2:50 a.m. vivint tried to contact me via telephone, and when i didn’t answer they dispatched the rcmp to my house. the police walked around the premise and found that someone broke the window on my garage door so they could gain entry. the would-be thieves did get away, but they weren’t able to get into the house thanks to vivint.”

“no matter where you are—working, shopping, enjoying the holidays, or even sleeping for that matter—vivint is there to protect your home and valuables 24×7.”

—daryl h., british columbia