product features – video camera

product features – video camera

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

One feature I did not expect from a vivint home automation system is video surveillance. With a video camera and the vivint mobile app, we can view a live video of our home at any time to be assured that our home is safe. It is an amazing feature that makes our lives so much easier.

There are two types of cameras: the fixed video camera (which comes with a vivint home automation system and is pictured above) and the pan and tilt camera, if you’d like something a little more advanced. The pan and tilt camera allows you to view multiple angles of a room in real time– all from an Internet browser or smart phone. It seems like it should be complicated, but the cameras connect directly to your wireless router and just need to be plugged into an outlet to function.

A vivint video camera has fast frame rates and works well in low light conditions. In addition to viewing a live video feed of your home, the cameras are set up to record clips whenever motion is detected and you can receive notifications to receive texts or emails as soon as a new clip has been recorded.

This unexpected feature has become a lifesaver for us in many ways. It’s so nice to be able to physically see our home when we’re away, and it’s also a great option to keep an eye on pets or kids from anywhere!