product features – smart thermostat

product features – smart thermostat

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Now that the seasons are changing and it seems summer might finally be on its way, our thermostat is increasingly important and constantly in flux. I am so grateful for our smart thermostat (it’s my favorite feature) in our vivint home automation system because it simplifies our lives so much, especially when the temperature is 50 degrees one day and 80 degrees the next!

We first discovered the amazing benefits of a smart thermostat this winter when we experienced the bitter cold of a polar vortex. After getting vivint and logging into our online account center, you can click on empower > Thermostats. On the bottom of the page select “Energy-Savings Templates” and from there you can select from four energy savings templates, from “Most Aggressive Energy Saver” to “Heat Pump Energy-Saver”. I selected the “Aggressive Energy Saver” and it was easy to customize an energy management schedule tailored to our lifestyle. Within minutes, I had an automatic schedule for maximum energy savings and full control of our smart thermostat. Just a few minutes setting this up in the online account center offers such a peace of mind and saves us time to adjust the thermostat in the future!

Thankfully, now our concern is about the house getting too warm instead of too cold. In addition to energy management template schedules in the online account center, there’s also another easy way to benefit from energy savings. Simply log in to the Go!Control Web Access online account center and select empower > Thermostats > Cool Schedules. Check the box that says “Show Smart Schedule Activity Pattern.” This uses the data from your motion detectors and door sensors to determine the times when you are not typically home, which will appear shaded in the chart. Adjust the temperatures and time periods on the chart to create your own custom smart thermostat schedule for maximum energy savings when you’re away from home.

Remember, your touchscreen panel always displays the current forecast (as well as lots of other weather options) and the three day forecast is shown on the thermostat page of your online account center. It’s also easy to override your set schedules to in the vivint mobile app if you’re going out of town or anticipating a heat wave. Simply select the “Away from Home Thermostat Override” in the online account center or vivint mobile app to turn off the smart thermostat schedules.

I think the best part about the smart thermostat is being able to control the temperature of our home from anywhere using the vivint mobile app. We love that we can have full control of our thermostat at any time. It saves us time, money, and stress.

So who else is excited that we now need to worry about keeping the house cool as warmer months approach? Hooray for summer!