mystory live recap

mystory live recap

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

At Vivint, our customers are our obsession. Second only to serving with honesty and integrity, our customers are our priority, and we strive to always provide exceptional customer service.

We truly take Todd Pedersen’s advice to heart. As he started his journey in entrepreneurship, his father told him, “First, if you’re going to run a company, you have to provide the best service you possibly can for your customers. Second, you have to treat your employees like gold. And third, everything else will work itself out.”

MyStory Live is an annual event created to do just that; honor our customers and employees.

Every year, we invite customers with incredible stories to our corporate headquarters. Our guests have the opportunity to meet and interact with Vivint employees and, in turn, Vivint employees get a refreshing reminder that what we do day in and day out makes a remarkable difference in people’s lives.

This year, we invited the Lower, Chance and Ferrell families to come and participate in MyStory Live. Each family has a unique, captivating story that was shared.

The Lowers:

Kim and Sean Lower value exceptional customer service above all else. Vivint’s award winning customer service combined with the sophisticated technology of our products won the Lower’s hearts completely. They have integrated their Vivint system seamlessly into their daily lives, much to their son’s chagrin.



The Chances:

Tereka Chance’s son, Amari, is autistic. Before she had her Vivint system, she was never able to leave him alone. Now, with Vivint, she enjoys a freedom she has never before experienced.



The Ferrells:

Shortly after their Vivint system was installed, the Ferrell’s home caught on fire while they were away. Vivint acted quickly and dispatched the fire department immediately, saving most of their home and valuables.

To show our appreciation for their loyalty, we were honored to award each family a year of free Vivint service.

If you’ve had an amazing experience with your Vivint system, we’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below, or submit your story online.