chance family + vivint gives back

chance family + vivint gives back

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Tereka Chance knows better than anyone that having a child with a mental disability, specifically autism in the case of her son, Amari, can increase stress levels in the home.

Amari has undergone extensive therapy to help manage his autism, and has come a long way. But the journey wasn’t easy. Therapy costs amount to thousands of dollars every year, often paid out of pocket.

Even with extensive therapy, Tereka has never felt confident leaving Amari on his own. If a careful eye is not placed on him at all times, he will run from his location, and could get into dangerous situations. Amari has slept in his mother’s bedroom his whole life, and Tereka has never left with him a babysitter.

When her Vivint system was installed, Tereka felt a sense of freedom she hadn’t felt in 10 years. Because of Vivint’s sensors, cameras, and motion detectors she finally feels comfortable leaving Amari with a sitter from time to time and leaving him in his own room. The peace of mind that comes from knowing where Amari is and what he is doing is invaluable to Tereka.

The Chances were invited to participate in our MyStory Live event in March. During the event, they had the opportunity to meet Vivint employees and share their remarkable story. To show our appreciation for their loyalty, we were honored to give them one year of free Vivint service.

But we went one step further.

We wanted to go the extra mile to help the Chances, so we had Tereka connect with Vivint Gives Back to see what their family needed most. Vivint Gives Back is a program created for and by Vivint employees and stakeholders that makes giving back in neighborhoods across the world its priority. Vivint Gives Back will cover one year of Amari’s therapy costs, and will construct a quiet place in their home for Amari.

At Vivint, customers are our obsession. We are dedicated to providing peace of mind for every lifestyle. Helping families who have children with disabilities is just one way we can do that. We always put our customers first, because to them, Vivint is freedom.