system features – things that make our lives easier

system features – things that make our lives easier

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

I had no idea how much home ownership would complicate our lives. Convenience in this day and age is paramount.  If there’s any technology that can make our lives easier, I definitely want to hear about it. Little did I know our vivint home automation system would make our lives easier in far more ways than I expected.

These are some of the many features that make our lives easier…

  • vivint mobile app – Not only can we arm or disarm our system from anywhere with our mobile devices, we can adjust just about everything for our system remotely. It is incredibly convenient to be able to check on our home from anywhere and this technology has certainly made our lives easier!
  • system notifications – Using the online account center, we’re able to set up reminders and notifications for our vivint home automation system for peace of mind. Whether it’s forgetting to arm our system in the morning or leaving the front door open, we can create and automatically receive custom notifications to ensure our home’s safety no matter where we are.
  • electronic door locks – When we’re in a rush to run out the door in the morning, it ‘s so simple to be able to lock the door by pressing a button rather than fumbling to find the right key. Even more, we can unlock and lock our doors from anywhere using the vivint mobile app.
  • lighting and small appliance control – Similar to the electronic door locks, we can also turn lights on or off from the touch of a button when we’re not home. There’s no need for lamp timers, as it’s far more convenient to configure light schedules electronically with our vivint home automation system
  • smart thermostat schedules – To be able to automate our thermostat on an energy savings schedule has not only simplified our lives, it’s saved us money, too! It’s such a relief knowing that we’re not wasting more energy than we need to by heating or cooling our home.
  • live video feed – It’s easy and reassuring to be able to see and check on our home while away using the vivint mobile app or online account center. Everything from checking on pets and kids or misplaced belongings is possible with the click of a button.

The list goes on, but these are some of my favorite ways that our vivint home automation system has made our lives easier. These features have integrated so seamlessly into our daily lives that now I can’t imagine living without them!