system features – my favorite feature

system features – my favorite feature

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

It’s really hard to choose a favorite feature of our vivint home automation system, but if I had to choose it would be the smart thermostat. After renting for years, it’s amazing to be able to have direct control of our energy consumption at all times.

With the vivint mobile app and online account center, we can change the temperature of our home from anywhere and at any time. Not only that, but we can set schedules for our smart thermostat for automatic energy savings!

Before getting our vivint home automation system, we weren’t very aware of our energy consumption. In the winter, we would keep the house warm (but not too warm), and our thermostat would be set to the same temperature almost all the time.

After getting vivint and logging into our online account center, it was easy to set up an energy management schedule tailored to our lifestyle. Within minutes, I adjusted a template schedule for maximum energy savings and had full control of our smart thermostat.

Now not only do we love saving the money, but it offers a peace of mind to know that our thermostat automatically lowers the temperature when we are away from home. This has been especially helpful for weekend trips out of town as well. Using the vivint mobile app, we simply turn off our thermostat schedules and reduce the temperature down remotely. Then, when we’re on our way home, we use the vivint mobile app to adjust the temperature it so that it warms up just in time. No need to heat the house while we’re away and no more returning to a cold house!

So far in winter our smart thermostat has been incredibly helpful in saving both time and energy. I’m dreaming of when it will be warm again so we can use our smart thermostat to keep the house cool…I have no doubt it will be just as beneficial!


If you have a vivint home automation system, what’s your favorite feature? I’d love to hear…