post install – we got the system, now what? arming, disarming, setting up schedules

post install – we got the system, now what? arming, disarming, setting up schedules

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

So here we were with our new system! We couldn’t wait to get started. Thankfully, our Vivint representatives gave us a tour of the touchscreen panel to become acquainted with our system. It was a start, but I was still a little nervous I might accidentally set off the alarm!

We received a user guide for our new wireless security system, however to my surprise, we’ve barely opened it and began using our vivint home automation system immediately. The touchscreen panel and online account center are user-friendly and extremely intuitive.

We had a few (false) alarm scares in the beginning simply because we forgot we armed the system and set off motion detectors. This still happens occasionally, but we’ve gotten better. Fortunately, the system gives you ample time to run to the panel and disarm the system. If we don’t make it in time, a live person (through the touchscreen panel) immediately asks if we are ok, which is quite comforting.

In the beginning, I was amazed at how we could control our home from anywhere! (Well, I still am.) We can arm and disarm the system with two simple clicks on the touchscreen panel. It’s so quick and easy! We can also arm or disarm with one click by logging into the vivint mobile app or online account center.

We started by using the touchscreen panel for the basics by simply arming and disarming the system. After pressing the home button, you can arm or disarm with one touch. For the vivint mobile app, it’s convenient and easy to both arm and disarm the system, view when motion detectors were last updated, change the thermostat, and even view a live video surveillance!

In the first week or two of using our new system, we mostly used the vivint mobile app for ease of use on the go, but pretty soon I logged into our vivint Account Center and Go!Control Web Access to further get to know the system. Within minutes, I had modified our settings and notifications, and even set up a schedule for our smart thermostat (more on that later!).  I definitely appreciate the simplicity of our vivint home automation system and how easy it has been to get started. Yet the best part is there are tons of features to learn and use down the road by simply taking the time. So far, we have the basics down, but pretty soon we’ll be learning about even more features we didn’t know were possible…