why we wanted a home automation system

why we wanted a home automation system

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

When we were in the process of buying our home, it was hard to imagine not having some sort of protection beyond insurance. This was our first home! It felt like our baby and we were already attached to the life we were going to build there. Home is such a special place.

We knew we wanted security and peace of mind. After learning that there was a break-in at our home in the past year, security quickly became a priority. With no family close by, I especially wanted to feel comfortable when home alone.

We wanted to save energy. Our previous apartment was cozy. The thought of our new utilities bill in an entire home (and the carbon footprint to go along with it) was a little frightening.

We wanted technology. As forgetful new homeowners, we needed a solution that fit easily into our busy lives. I’m rarely without my smart phone and my husband is especially tech-savvy (he works in IT). I knew he would only use the system if it were quick and efficient, while I wanted something simple and easy to use.

Most of all, we wanted home automation. We wanted to be able to control our home from anywhere. This functionality would provide the ultimate peace of mind.

With home security, energy management, and home automation, Vivint met all of our needs. It was clear that a Vivint home automation system would not only give us home security, but it would help us to live simpler, smarter lives in the process.

–Colleen Ludovice, Inspired to Share, Neighborhood Contributor