hands-on service

hands-on service

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

When Nashville, Tennessee, experienced a terrible flood in 2010, everyone knew the cleanup would take time—and it has. Three years later, there is still much to be done, and Vivint field service professionals recently did their part to help.

Partnering with the Hands On Nashville organization, Vivint technicians joined other volunteers in the effort to clean up a local creek. “A lot of the debris that is still left is non-biodegradable and dangerous to local wildlife,” said field service supervisor and volunteer Robert Kanedy. According to Kanedy, volunteers walked in knee-deep water to arrive at an island on the creek that had collected much of the debris. The volunteers’ biggest challenge was removing a tractor tire, a task that took the strength of five Vivint volunteers.

The volunteers were grateful for the opportunity to protect local wildlife and keep Nashville beautiful, and they look forward to helping out again soon. Said Kanedy, “We had a blast helping out Hands On Nashville. I love this organization because they have volunteer projects throughout the year, which gives us an opportunity to do this again.”