real-life customer experiences

real-life customer experiences

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

“Vivint is Awesome! I have had my system installed since July 2011. I simply activate the system and don’t worry about my house because I know Vivint is watching over my home while I’m gone. Even when my family is home alone at night while I work, I know they are safe with the system armed.

“The automation part of the system couldn’t be easier to use. I can change my thermostat settings using my phone or computer, and I really like the fact that I can check on my house from my phone. I have the keypad deadbolts installed on both entry doors and it’s a lot easier than using my key to unlock the door – and using the keypad also disarms the alarm at the same time. My only regret about the whole system is that I didn’t have it installed sooner!”

—Daniel L., GA