real-life customer experiences

real-life customer experiences

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

“I was in North Carolina—6 hours away from home—and had walked away from my phone for about five minutes. When I got back to it, I had several messages from Vivint, my friend who is also my emergency contact, and my town’s Sheriff’s office. My home had been broken into; my front door had been kicked open.

“Vivint tried to reach me over the two-way panel and on my cellphone. Because I didn’t respond, they immediately dispatched the police and called each person on my emergency contact list until they got a response. Vivint’s and the sheriff’s department’s response times were outstanding. Luckily for me, nothing was taken from my home, and the Sheriff’s department believes that the intruder was likely scared away by the sound of the alarm.

“It felt great to know that the system worked. Itis the best investment I’ve made in this house. The monthly payment has been paid off tenfold.”

—Margianna H., MD