lending a hand to the homeless in winnipeg

lending a hand to the homeless in winnipeg

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Like so many big cities, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada has a homeless community in need. As they work in the city this summer, Vivint employees are anxious to help this important population.

Eleven Vivint volunteers spent the morning of June 27 at Winnipeg’s Siloam Mission—a humanitarian organization that provides meals, clothing, and more to the poor and homeless in Winnipeg. Volunteers split up into three groups to help as much as possible during their service. The first group worked in the kitchen and prepared and served meals to the hungry. The second group sorted clothing donations and helped with heavy-lifting needs such as moving large boxes of donations. The final group helped disabled patrons receive their food and cleaned up after the meal.

For over 25 years, the goal of Siloam Mission has been to connect the compassionate in Winnipeg with the less fortunate, and Vivint was grateful to take part in the important service.

“Siloam Mission not only feeds the less fortunate, but it also provides clothes, free healthcare, shelter, a creative art center, and a personal trainer to help people get into shape,” said Vivint manager and volunteer Shawn Nelson said. “There are programs available to help integrate the homeless back in society by helping them get jobs and providing them with a financial counselor to advise them on managing money. It was an honor to partner with such a worthwhile organization.”