helping as quickly as possible

helping as quickly as possible

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Some needs can wait, but hunger isn’t one of them. With this in mind, Vivint field service technicians recently volunteered at the Hope Food Bank in Greenville, South Carolina.

The food bank recently conducted a successful door-to-door food drive. All of the food items they collected needed to be separated into canned items, dry goods, and expired items so the food could be distributed immediately to people in need. When there aren’t enough volunteers to help, food sometimes goes to waste before it can be sorted and verified as usable. Five field service technicians were able to get four bins of food quality-checked and ready to be shipped, ensuring there was no holdup in getting the food to those who need it most.

“It was a good feeling to know that the work we did was put to immediate use,” volunteer Nathanial Simmons said. “The food we sorted was immediately, sent out on a truck, and delivered to people in need.”

The volunteers also enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in their local community. Preston Salisbury was impressed by the dedication of the other workers at the food bank and the organization’s mission to feed the hungry. “We liked seeing how dedicated these workers are to feeding the families of this community, and working alongside them, we could see how hard they really do work,” said Salisbury. “It was such an amazing feeling to help this great establishment achieve their goal and know that we helped them get a lot of food ready to be distributed.”

Volunteers were also grateful to give back to their community in a different way than they do on an average day.

“We protect homes and families with the work we do every day,” said Larry Woodruff, volunteer and field service supervisor, “but there are more ways to serve a community. When asked if we’d be willing to clock out and volunteer some time to work for the community without monetary compensation, we did not see it as a loss in our paychecks. We saw it as an opportunity to stand up as men and make a difference in the lives of people who needed only what we could give them that day: compassion and charity. In return, we received a huge emotional reward for our efforts.”