here when you need us

here when you need us

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

At Vivint, our number one objective is to protect you, your family, and the things that are most important to you. This summer as you’re vacationing, traveling, and enjoying your time off, we know that there’s no better way to feel totally secure and taken care of than to let Vivint take care of you.

Jessica M. from Pinson, Alabama, knows this better than most. Here’s her story of how Vivint’s severe weather alerts were there for the people she loves:

“My husband and I were on vacation when the tornado hit. One of our friends was staying at our house while we were away. She was sleeping on the couch when she heard beeping come from the Vivint system. She saw the tornado warning, grabbed all five of our dogs, and hid in the closet. As she sat in the closet, she could hear the house being destroyed all around her. Eventually, the tornado got her too. It tossed her and the dogs into the yard. There was little left to our house—just a few pillars and the water pipes. In fact, the tornado wiped out about 40 other homes in my neighborhood. Aside from a couple of bruises, my friend and my dogs were okay. If it hadn’t been for Vivint’s tornado alert, she probably wouldn’t have woken up with enough time to take cover—and she might not be here today! Thank you so much, Vivint.”