frequently asked questions about solar – part 3

frequently asked questions about solar – part 3

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Are you ready for part three? We’re getting close to the end of our four-part series about how Vivint Solar works. But don’t worry … there’s still lots more great information to come.

Is there any incentive for referring people to Vivint Solar?

Yes! Contact your local sales rep to help you with referrals.

Who keeps the tax breaks and SREC’s?

Because we pay for and own the system, we do. You don’t have to worry about them or deal with them thanks to the simplicity of the PPA model.

What happens if my Internet goes out for a week?

As long as your Internet isn’t out for an entire month, we will still be able to get the readings we need. If it does go down for a month or longer, we will bill you for power on an estimated basis.

Do you guarantee that your rate will always be lower than the utility company?

We cannot control what the utility company does with their rates. We do, however, want to be competitive in the marketplace. In the past 20 years, utility rates have gone up nationally and have no cost structures, with Vivint Solar you always know what your rate will be.