why contracts?

why contracts?

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

It’s a fair question: why is it necessary for Vivint customers to sign a contract when they buy a system? Why not just pay month to month and have the option to end service at any time?

Well, the answer is pretty simple actually: because the relationship between Vivint and our customers is a mutually beneficial one. We invest in you and you invest in us. This means that we offer our services and equipment at a very low upfront cost because you commit to pay for those services and equipment over a certain amount of time. The truth is that our contract is the reason why we’re able to offer affordable home automation.

It’s similar to a cell phone plan. You can choose to buy your new phone at its retail value of $600, or you can pay $50 for the phone and sign a service plan contract so the company has a chance to recoup the discount over the life of your agreement. Our services are no different: we charge an affordable activation fee, install the equipment for free, and make up the cost of that equipment over time.

And the fact is, if you’d rather pay for your equipment upfront—all of it or just a portion—you can do that and shorten your contract length. As always, we’re dedicated to providing affordable home automation that works for you and your family.

So in a nutshell, our contract exists because both company and customer benefit from them. We’re offering reliable monitoring and affordable home automation for you, and you’re providing us with reliable business. Companies need to make money to survive, and with this model we have been able to succeed so we can continue serving customers and innovating the market. The benefits go both ways.