the vivint doorbell

the vivint doorbell

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

We’re proud to announce a new home automation product: the Vivint Doorbell.

So how is a doorbell home automation? In a nutshell, our new doorbell is designed to integrate with your touchscreen panel. Not only does it chime through your panel to make sure you can hear it, it also sends push notifications to your smartphone. If you’re down in the basement or on a business trip, you’ll still know exactly when someone drops by.

This doorbell can also be synced with your system to trigger automated events—like turning on the porch light when someone comes ringing. Or turning on your inside entry light so you can find your way to the door. Have a room where you can never hear the doorbell? Program your lights to flicker so you’ll always know.

Here are a few more cool features of our doorbell:

Illuminated button—When wired to your home’s circuitry, the doorbell button is illuminated.

Weather resistant design—The doorbell is waterproof and can withstand temperatures between 14°F and 104°F.

Configurable chime—You can choose your doorbell chime.

3-5 year battery life—This doorbell is guaranteed to work for 3-5 years and notifies you through your panel when its battery is running low.