someone was in here

someone was in here

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

A few weeks ago, an intruder came into our house. Our house, tucked away in a cul-de-sac in a very safe neighborhood. What still makes me cringe–even while typing this–is that it happened during the night (sometime between 11:30 pm and 7:00 am) while we were sleeping upstairs! And we were completely unaware until the morning when Chris went downstairs in his towel to get some clothes out of the dryer.

“Jules! Someone was in here!”

And I ran downstairs. (I ran downstairs? I blame the adrenaline.) Our house was ruffled and Chris grabbed a knife. The intruder entered through our side door that leads into our garage, which Chris had accidentally left unlocked. The door was still open when we woke up. Chris was surveying the house (yes–still in his towel) and I called the police who came and thoroughly checked every corner of the house to make sure no one was still here. It was clear. They wrote up a full report and calmed me down. Apparently there was another situation reported of a man in our area during the night and they were guessing it was the same guy. Chris had to leave for work and I shook all day at every little noise and cried a lot. The only way I can describe the feeling is, we felt violated. I thought I was safe in my own home. Did he come upstairs? Did he open the door to our daughter’s room? I couldn’t even think about.

We were completely caught off guard and are grateful nothing serious happened, but we also know that something could have. We were naive in thinking it could never happen to us. We didn’t have a security system. We didn’t have any self defense handy near our bed. Our nephew was selling security systems for Vivint and I texted him to see if there was any way we could get one installed that day–because I was ready to check into a hotel. He came right over with an installer and before we went to bed, all of our windows and doors had alarms. I felt my muscles relax for the first time that day as we signed our contract at 9:00 pm. Now, even when we are away from our home, we can check that our doors are locked and our alarm is on remotely from our phones, which has given us a lot of peace of mind.

Our security system is extremely affordable (around $2 a day!), and heaven’s yes–I would recommend one. Not only will it alert us when an intruder breaks in–but we have it set to let us know if a door or window is open–completely invaluable when you have a toddler that likes to escape outside undetected lately. We’re also loving the keypad locks on our exterior doors for our own personal use. But more than anything we feel safe in our home again–a feeling that, at the time, I thought we’d never feel again.

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