vivint customers loving energy management

vivint customers loving energy management

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Increasing energy efficiency in your home is part of our three-fold mission at Vivint, and our energy management products do much more than help out the planet. They also save you money and provide convenience and comfort at home. Here are some Vivint customers like you who are loving and benefiting from Vivint energy management features:

“I set my Vivint system to the energy savings mode and that’s it. The system manages the temperature to maximize savings, even while I’m away from my home. It’s so great, especially for places like Oklahoma where the temperature fluctuates so much. And since my utility bills have dropped about $50 a month, the system pretty much pays for itself. My Vivint system is one of the best purchases I’ve made.”

—Rhonda R., Oklahoma

“I knew the system was a must-have when I learned about the thermostat that I can control via smartphone or internet, lights and door locks that I can turn off or unlock from a remote location, and (best of all) a smoke alarm that warns me if the temperature falls below 50 degrees in my house. I live in a cold state where temperatures can drop quickly and my pipes can freeze. This way, I will find out about it before any damage can even occur!”

—Tyler H., Wyoming