cameras and pets

cameras and pets

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

We’re always surprised by how many Vivint customers love using their system to take care of their pets, and let’s face it: there are lots of ways to do it. Just check out this blog post for ideas. But your Vivint security cameras in particular are a great way to keep an eye on four-legged family members.

There’s the obvious long-distance check in. Use your cameras to make sure your pets are up and about or just to peek in and see what they do while you’re at work or out with the kids. During vacation, you can also use your cameras to check in on your pet sitter and make sure they’re taking the dog out, feeding the cat, and coming over regularly.

Cameras are also handy for tracking your pet’s habits. If you’re concerned about how much your pet eats or whether or not they’re drinking enough water, put their food and water bowls where the cameras can see them and give your footage a look. You can also get an idea of how obedient your animals are when they thinking you’re not looking. This blogger on The Neighborhood uses her cameras to keep her dog from jumping on the couch during the day.

The possibilities are endless, and the ways you can use security cameras to care for your pets are limited only by your own imagination. So make your system work for you.