there’s no place like a $1 billion home

Gadget-Powered Million Dollar Homes

Home automation is way out of reach for your everyday person, right? At least that’s what this infographic seems to say. After all, not all of us can afford a 20-seat art deco theater room in our homes like Bill Gates or iris scanning identity protection like Rinat Akhmetov. However, when you think about the true concept of home automation—remotely controlling the important things in your life—that’s actually not the case. In the past home automation has been too expensive for the average consumer (think $40,000 in initial costs), but Vivint is making it affordable for everyone. In fact, Vivint’s top-of-the-line system—complete with video surveillance, remote access, electronic door locks, home security, energy management, and much more—is just $199 up-front and $68.99 per month.* For a fraction of the price, you get the same essential functionality and convenience of the systems of the rich and the famous. *Bowling alley not included

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