man’s best friends

man’s best friends

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

It’s true, people usually think about home automation as it relates to the human folk—keeping us safe, making us comfortable, making our lives more convenient, etc., etc. But did you know that Vivint customers also use home automation for their animals? As it so happens, tons of Vivint fans like you are using their systems to care for and keep up with their furry friends. Here’s how . . .

Keep an eye on them

“When we were gone on a trip last week, we used our Vivint system to see our dog sitter coming and going, and we noticed she was coming and going quickly. We called her and asked her if she was taking our dog for a walk. Next time she came, we were able to see that she took him on a walk—and that she spent a few extra minutes playing with him too.” – Kristine J., CA

Like Kristine, plenty of Vivint fans are using their security cameras to check in on their animals and their pet sitters too. Whether you’re on vacation, at the park, or just in the office, you can always whip out your phone and see where the cat is sleeping.

Keep them safe

“The security system is a peace of mind for the safety of our dogs in the house. Should there be a fire, Vivint will notify the fire department of the emergency.” – Bryan S., HI

Vivint security keeps your possessions and your family safe, but it’s also a great protection for your four-legged companions too. You never have to worry whether your pets are safe from home intruders, fire, or carbon monoxide. They always will be.

Take care of them

“We’ve used our smartphones to adjust the temperatures when we’re away so we know that our dog is staying comfortable.” – Kristine J., CA

“If we’re running late and we have people coming over, like our friends or a pet sitter, we can unlock the door with our phones.” – Brandon H., GA

There are all kinds of ways that home automation can help you care for your pets. Like the two examples above, our Smart Thermostat and automatic door locks are both great ways to keep your animals comfortable and taken care of when you’re not around. Another great tool for remotely caring for your pets is your lights and small appliances controls. What if you’re out for the evening and want to turn on a light or a fan for your cats and dogs? Not a problem. Do you use home automation to care for your animals? Share your ideas and experiences below.