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Tell us why you should win!

Do you want a smart thermostat? Well, weโ€™re giving away three this week! The Vivint Smart Thermostat is a part of our Energy Management Package. Let us know in the comments below why you want a smart thermostat, or why you deserve one, and you could win a free upgrade to the Vivint Energy Manaement Package. Weโ€™ll choose our three favorite responses, and the winners will be announced here on the blog on Tuesday (November 15th).

The Energy Management Package

If you’re not a customer and you win, then we’ll cover $100 of your installation and activation cost (you’ll get a Vivint home security and energy management system for just $49). Be sure to add your correct e-mail address so that we can contact you if you win! Thanks for participating!

(*Winning includes upgrade to energy management package. Customer is still responsible for the monthly service cost)


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80 Responses to "smart thermostat giveaway"
  1. Martha Callaway says:

    I really need a new thermostat as I have single pane windows and I am total electric–It could sure save me some money

  2. Chad Larman says:

    I should win because I am a firefighter that is away from the home alot and could be able to adjust the thermostat from my phone or computer at work. I live in an old house so having a smart thermostat will help with my utility bill.

  3. Chad says:

    I need a thermostat to save money for my 3 kids college funds! It would be a great thing to have since my wife and I both have smart phones and she likes to leave the thermostat on when we leave the house! We would save sooooo much money! Thank you for the consideration and great product line!

  4. Edgar Lopez says:

    I really need a smart thermostat to correct my “over-corrective” wife. She’s of the old school that believes a setting of 65 will cool from 78 to 75 faster than setting it at 75. She is also constantly setting the temperature to her liking and then leaving the house for hours at a time.

  5. Lauren says:

    I should get one because we are getting a house built through Habitat for Humanity. This would be a great addition to the new house to keep our heating and cooling costs low. Especially since we live in Kentucky and KY weather is crazy!

  6. jess pape says:

    We. Justt built. A new garage and it’d be a thrill to have one so we could sit it up to save money! ๐Ÿ™‚ they are the best I love the one in the house!

  7. Teresa L says:

    In our townhouse there are no two floors the same temp! We have to remember to change the temperature every morning and evening in order to try and save money/conserve energy for when we aren’t around during the day. It would be so great to be able to set it at a comfortable temp and know that it will adjust when we’re not around during the day and not be an icebox or furnace when we come home in the afternoon!

  8. chris says:

    I have a really out-dated thermostat .. the kind that you manually have to move the lever around …i could really use this


  9. Lucas Vaughn says:

    Because it want offered to me when my install was done.

  10. Pam Jacobs says:

    I have been turning the heat down and the lights off to save energy, now if I could just get my husband to do it too. My thermostat is broke the front falls off all the time and the battery’s don’t touch right. So that is a good reason I need to win a new one. I can’t trust it. Don’t you think.

  11. Tina Luthro says:

    I would love to win one for our family. It would be so much easier to check the thermostat from my phone then walking to the other side of the house to see if I need to lower or up the temp. I use the app on my phone 95% of the time as this would just be another plus to the app. Thanks for considering me.

  12. Crystal says:

    I should have a smart thermostat because I live in Western NY where the day right now starts at 40 and hits 60 midday and then back to 30’s and 40’s overnight. And Because I Rock!!!

  13. David Annunziata says:

    We are a family of 6 – and watching our bills is extremely important. We are sure being able to manage the temperature of our home will certainly positively impact our budget. Right now, our thermostat is inconsistent – which can not be good for the furnace.

  14. Amanda says:

    I think my family should win this smart thermostat because it would really help lower our utility bill. Plus our current thermostat has been acting up. We’re hoping it will last a while longer. Can’t wait to save some money! Thanks Vivint!!

  15. Susan says:

    With a new baby on the way we could really use the extra money and increased comfort in our home.

  16. Wayne Hanson says:

    I have a 2 year old programmable thermastat that I got from my local gas & electric company when I had an evaluation done to determine if I needed more insulation,(I did), and it now decides what temp my house needs to be. It is now getting into the low 30’s and soon will be snowing, and the thermastat has decided the inside temp should match the outside temp.
    I have temperarally replaced this new unit with the one which came with the new furnace that the local gas & electric co. said should replace the one that was put in in 1974. Now, It stays the temp where I set it but it has to be manually set for each change in our schedule, bedtime, wakeup, leave the house, etc, etc. .

  17. John Silber says:

    I would like a smart thermostat to further enhance my energy saving initiatives in my home. I have invested a lot of money in making my home more energy efficient, and with a smart thermostat, I could recoup some of this investment by programming it to maximize energy savings while no one is home. I have been a loyal customer, and would like to be able to give even more props to the company that allows me to sleep safe and secure in my home.

  18. Steve Smith says:

    My old thermostat is not the best and can leave my house too cold or too warm. I really like Vivint’s home set up. It really works! My home is safer because of Vivint. Thank you and I advertize positively for you!

  19. Lena says:

    Me and my hubby were just talking about installing one the other day! He is an Iraq War Veteran and we have 3 teenage girls. He is currently attending school to further his career and so that makes me the only breadwinner at this point. So any amount of help would be wonderful! Saving money when you are on a very limited budget will only work if the investment or upgrade pays for itself within a short amount of time- so winning this new thermostat would be nothing but pure and instant gratification! What an amazing opportunity. Thanks Vivent! Crossing fingers… ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Leslie says:

    I travel often with my job and my 3 teenage boys NEVER remember to turn the heat/air to where it won’t run all the time…… We could use a SMART thermostat to help with this problem instead of all the sticky notes I have posted around the house reminding them to do this. Thank you !!!!

  21. Patricia Sokolowski says:

    It would be awesome to be able to save on bills (I manually adjust and readjust the thermostat all the time but being a single mom with a wonderful son with autism, days sometimes get rather stressy and I simply forget by the time we get a minor crisis under control). I’ve heard so many good things about Vivint….. One way or another I will someday get a Smart Thermostat from Vivint and our little house will be the better for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. gretchen mckay says:

    Recently survived a botched remodeling job at my home – wish I had a picture to send of the old thermostats hanging off the walls waiting to be replaced. Currently researching the best ones on the market to install in the new space! Hope I can win one to try! Thank you.

  23. mike wells says:

    I would love one for the simple fact of saving energy, and being able to control temp from phone.

  24. Jessie M Jones says:

    i would love to win one my husband and i are in our 80’s and need to keep warm

  25. Gerard says:

    Living in the most easterly part of Canada, we are always getting slammed with the cold Atlantic winds and icy Arctic Air. A programmable thermostat from vivint would not only complement our vivint security sysem, but provide a better stabler warmth for our family and 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

  26. Ed Sidebottom says:

    we need to work smarter and harder……………..

  27. Steven Knight says:

    I would like to win one so I can test it out and save money on monthly utility bills. Have an old house and always try to save on energy at every possible avenue that I can. thanks

  28. Bpraeg says:

    I would love to win. Our home is not energy efficient and this could be the beginning of our family changing our home and old habits in a new direction, for our children and for our planet.

  29. K Latham says:

    As much as I would love to have a smart thermostat that controls our temperature just to save money and energy, what would make our life infinatly better is one without a slide switch. Having a special needs kid who slides the switch as he walks past often makes our air conditioner run in the middle of the winter and the heat run in the middle of the summer. Then again the savings would be awesome too.

  30. dena aicklen says:

    I need this because my husband is a cystic fibrosis patient and a steady flow of air to he’ll him breathe better. ThIs would truly bless our family!!!

    Please strongly consider our family!!!



  31. Kevin says:

    I need one because my wife and I are both in school with no jobs and to save money on the energy bill, we just keep the thermostat down all the time. We’d change it, but it just gets too tedious and the store programmable thermostats are too hard to program. We’re freezing up here in Canada, and we need vivint to save us from the cold (and our energy company).

  32. Theresa B B says:

    I would love to win a Vivint Smart Thermostat to help regulate my heating oil comsumption. We live in an area where it seems to be cold all the time. The house is always freezing when we get home. When we are away from the house it would be nice to set the heat to come on so that when we arrive home its to a warm house.

  33. Mike Sepos says:

    As the father of 7 children, it is hard to even get out of the house on time most days. so often the little things like turning down the thermostat when we leave get forgotten.
    We try turn it down when we travel, this year we were gone for spring break, we did remember to turn it down that time.When we returned, our house was 50 degrees (where our thermostat was set at). We arrived home at bedtime and getting the kids ready for bed was miserable because they were all freezing. It took our house several hours to warm up. I really wish I would have been able to change the settings with my smart phone earlier in the day so we could have come home to a warm house.

  34. Jill Adelheid says:

    I live in low-income housing. My heat has been broken since I moved into this apt. 2 weeks ago. They keep sort of fixing it (not really). I need any upgrade humanly possible. I live in the Snow Belt part of the country. If you can send a qualified repairman too, that would be very kind and helpful. I’m in low income housing due to disabling medical condition….and I get cold easily.

  35. Lanitria Watts says:

    The Smart thermostat can help o

  36. Stephanie Smith says:

    As a single parent on a tight budget. making the most of every dollar is just as important as making sure my family is safe and comfortable. Having an automatic thermostat would make a world of difference in conveninece, comfort, and budget. We have a fairly new high efficiency Trane unit and air handler but still using an old school non digital manual thermostat with it.

  37. Lanitria Watts says:

    The Smart thermostat can help our costs in energy usage. My husband is the sole provider and doesn’t believe in energy efficiency and I would love to prove him wrong..

  38. Kate DeSantis says:

    I’m smart and my thermostat should be too!

  39. Damaris Fish says:

    I am on a fixed income. I currently do not use heat at all (electric baseboards) for feeling like I can;t afford the cost. I have an electric balnket for sleeping, but because of my health issues I probably ought to turn on some heat. If I felt the thermostat would help me have better control of my costs I could do it. Please and thank you!

  40. JoLynn Williams says:

    I could really use one cause our lives are so hectic with all our kids that we constantly forget to change the thermostat to the temperture we need it to be and at least when we are out and about we can set it from our phones. I would love to save some money on the heat bill being we are trying to find different ways to save money and this would help greatly.

  41. JUDY SPARKS says:

    I need it badly and I should win because I have advertised for vivint on facebook and to all my friends. I am on disabillity and its hard for me to get up and down to adjust heat,,,and this would be a God send. Thank you vivint for your great service and my wonderful security system

  42. michael lieberz says:

    My power company just installed smart meters so we can read our hourly usage online and now my neighbor and I are in a contest to get the lowest energy usage.

  43. Rebecca Robinson says:

    I’ve never used any of your products before so a freebie would be a great way to get me hooked on your products

  44. Tom says:

    Holy cow-this would be huge for us. My husband, 5 yr old and I are restoring our newly purchased 104 yr old historic home! We are only the second owners so there have been no updates or changes in decades. It is the project of our lives and we are doing it primarily on our own. We have to keep things historical (so no new windows for us), so we are really working so hard on sustainability! My husband just finished stapling up the radiant floor heat in an epically small and epically gross crawl space. This thermostat would be the ultimate pay off to those efforts he just put in! We also live in CO-the land of the weather change and it would just make such a difference to be help us to continue down the path of responsibility to the environment that we are already on.

  45. Brandon Wilch says:

    My wife works a ‘typical’ shift of 8a-5p M-F, so a conventional thermostat would work great if I did as well. Unfortunately I work very odd hours with a local fire department. I work 24hrs on 48 hrs off. On top of that, I volunteer/part time for another department, so on my 48 hrs off, I may spend another 24 at that department. This makes it very difficult for us to use a ‘typical’ thermostat in our household. Though we have set it to the normal hours my wife has, there are many mornings when I get home and find the house to be cold (in the winter time) or a little warm in the summer. What’s worse is on my days off, getting up a little later than my wife to find the house colder. Nothing like needing to get a sweater just to get over to the thermostat to warm it up on my morning off. Grated, a cup of hot chocolate goes a long way, I think a system which is intelligent in knowing if we are home (stay) or not home (away) would be much nicer.

  46. erin klempp says:

    Hey my family could defiantly use a smart thermstat. Would help considering the shape of our house. Also wouldhelp make our house energy efficient. Please choose me –

  47. Danielle Oudenhoven says:

    So that the senseless battle may end!

    Let me walk you through an average day in the battle of the thermostat. Since our home is odd, no room is ever the same temperature, so first things first, every evening I walk around the house and in every room that we will not be in, I place a book over the vent. (depending on the season, I might remove the books.

    For instance, lets say it is winter, and the heat is on. I would remove the books, in most rooms, leave the books half way over the vent in the bathroom and back room, and cover the vent completely in our bedroom. Why, you ask?

    Ah! Back to the battle. Our thermostat hates us. So if, in winter, I set it for, lets say, 70 at night, this is what in fact will happen. The thermostat, while we are awake, will set the house to 70. As soon as we go to bed, it decides that 70 is not the correct temperature, and will maybe let is drop to, say 65. Deciding this is not good enough, at about 6 am the thermostat declares war and ups the ante to a blistering 89 F.

    So how to I retaliate? At roughly midnight I go to check on it. I reset it for the given temperature- 70. I go back to bed. I recheck at 2 am. And reset it again for 70. At 6 am, however, I am soundly asleep (and this is when it strikes). Now overwhelmed by the heat, I jump out of bed and turn on the air conditioning. (remember, this is winter)

    The thermostat is not done yet, however. It decides that the A/C will not come on unless it is set for roughly 60F. So I crank it down, and the sweet relief of cold air comes on. However, in order to keep the house at a semi-decent temperature, I have covered, or uncovered vents the previous night (covered our’s to help combat the 6 am toasting) But out bedroom is where I need this cool air, so I now go to all the rooms and reverse the process.

    With our vent uncovered, and most the others covered, I can now lay back down and enjoy the cold air (in winter) that is coming from my air conditioning. I try not to look at the bill.

    When you add to this the fact that I live in Weird Weather USA, I can in fact need the AC on in winter, when it decides that it should be 80F in December after the ice storm, or 60F in the middle of summer (which means the heat is needed) and the battle with the AC in summer is no better, in some ways, it is worse.

    I cannot imagine that the war I am fighting with our current digital thermostat is in any way helping the energy crisis, unless my thermostat is fighting for the other side- which, to be honest, would explain a lot.

    Long story short, ya, a smart thermostat would be a welcome relief to an evil one.

    Please pick me. I would like to sleep in past 6 am.

  48. Dorothy Tauaese-Puletapuai says:

    My family should win the smart thermostat giveaway. Working two jobs and caring for my elderly parents and 6 kids tells shows that we can really use the smart thermostat. The winters are very cold here in Alaska; and, the smart thermostat will allow me to use my phone or computer to control the temperatures when my family and I are away from home. My family of 9 could really save money on the heating bills.

  49. Sofia Cohen says:

    Because the rest of the family insist on turning the heat on willy-nilly. A smart thermostat would at least stop the children to fiddling with the controls. Now hubby may just be enamored with the funky gadget!

  50. Charles Cole says:

    I should win because it’s cold.

  51. Roger Champagne says:

    Would be nice to heat the house up before I return home from anything. Just to go onto a iPhone or computer to change the temp higher or lower to help save money would help also.

  52. Elizabeth Burgess says:

    I would love to win the new thermostat because my old one cannot be programmed……I programmed it when I was working, and now that I am retired, it goes back to the original program, and will not let me change it, or cancel it, etc. There is no “clear” button on it. Then I can heat the house when I need and want to!!!

  53. Susan Hughes says:

    I would love to win this new thermostat! The one we have is a dinosaur (25+) years old. We are retired teachers who need to upgrade our system…AND our technology. My hubby is a techno-phobe who is slowly getting “with it.” Here’s why we should win….in a “teacherish” kind of way….
    A – always looking to improve our electricity bill
    B – better AC efficiency
    C – could use our phone to adjust the thermostat!
    D – don’t have the money to upgrade because we’re retired teachers
    E – energy efficiency
    G – great offer!
    H – HOT….that’s me…as in Hormonally challenged
    I – in the market for a new thermostat
    J – jealous of whoever wins….if it’s not us
    K – Keep the house at a constant temp
    L – Lower those bills!
    M- Money management
    N- No more forgetting to turn down/up the air!
    O- Only 3 given away???
    P- PLEASE give us one ๐Ÿ™‚
    Q- quite an amazing offer!
    R- retired people could use the assistance
    S – Save Save Save
    T-THERMOSTAT! yea….
    U- unbelievable offer
    V- Very blessed
    W-We hope you’re still reading this…
    X-Xspecially since we’re running out of stuff to say
    Y- You won’t be sorry if you pick us
    Z-Zippity Do Da! You’re at the end.

    Those are the ABC’s of Y we would love to win………… thanks.

  54. Richard Hiller says:

    I would love this system so the heat could be adjusted automatically and help save money when I’m not home. I also love the remote control features that are controlled through a smart phone. This setup would truly bring the homeowner into the new millenium!

  55. Jeremy Porter says:

    I want to win because I’m tired of being cold and this would make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

  56. Jason Soucie says:

    Vivant sure is the leader in Home Automation and this feature would sure help save me and 2 other customers tons of money.along with the the thousands that already have this product.Please accept me in this cause i sure wanna save money

  57. Marqueta says:

    I am a newly separated mother of four and my kids and I could use all the help we can saving money cutting back on energy costs. This would be a tremendous help to us right now.

  58. M.B.Easthpe says:

    I have built a complete Energy equipped home complete with Solar Panels and turbines, a geothermal heating and cooling system and solar hot water. I installed cork floors and cellulose insulation. I have energy star appliances and all the other things required of an energy home. I have had installed your CO, smoke and water detectors and your complete security system. Also a Lifeline for me, as I am a widow and live alone. It would be wonderful to have your smart thermostat to add to all your other wonderful products. MBEasthope

  59. Angel Muniz says:

    I should win one because I have been with APX/Vivint for a long time and because I’m the sole provider for my household which consists of 2 children, my wife, and myself. It’s tough paying all the bills & mortgage on 1 income, therefore an automated thermostat like that could help me cut down on the extraordinary expense of heating my home.

  60. Mary Nowak-Sturkie says:

    I have the original thermostat in my condo, it is about 30 years old. I don’t think it knows what number it’s supposed to be paying attention to, therefore, I keep it terribly low to keep my bill from putting me in a straight jacket.
    I, thankfully, am employed, but living paycheck to paycheck all my life has become a habit I am unable to break…but, I will say it again..thankful for being employed.
    Would love to have a new thermostat, especially if I can install it myself?
    Happy Holidays ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Christine Blundell says:

    I don’t have any products from your company yet so i’d like to win the thermostat! my house heats terrible and my heating costs are sky high! I’m in the process of replacing my windows but can only do one room at a time. So that doesn’t help keep the house warm.

  62. raylene sausedo says:

    My 87 yr old father-in-law has come to live w/ us since he was told by his dr.s that he couldn’t drive or live alone anymore. His circulation is bad so he needs a certain temperature to stay warm, but then I get hot flashes so often and get so overheated, at a moments notice. Having a smart thermostat installed would be a tremendous relief for us both to help our fluxuating temperature needs! Thank You for considering us in your give away!

  63. Daniel Myers says:

    This could be particularly useful to provide remote temperature reads when away.

  64. Andrew says:

    My wife and I should win because our current thermostat was one of Leonardo da Vinci’s first inventions. Seriously, I saw sketches in the museum! We’re about to renovate the house, so this would make a great addition. Save energy AND save money? How can you go wrong?

  65. Will Collie says:

    I should win because I’m still rocking the old school rectangular thermostat from about 15-20 years ago!

  66. janice dovner says:

    i think that i deserve to win a Smart Thermostat because I am a senior and have been widowed for 22 yrs. everytime something breaks or needs to be fixed, I don’t have the money to hire someone, don’t have any children who can help me, lots of times, I get very depressed over the situation.

    I would be able to conserve heat with a new thermostat, it would sure help
    me financially and it would be greatly appreciated.

    hoping to hear from your company.


    janice dovner

  67. Paul MacDonald says:

    I would love to add energy automation to my Vivint package because then I could secretly mess with the heat so my wife will think she’s having hot flashes… “Oh my dear, the change of life is starting very early for you!!! Maybe you should go to bed, I’ll just stay down here and watch football!”

  68. Tom White says:

    I’m a full time student and a full time volunteer. My only income comes from Veterans education benefits. My house was built in 1917 and has an old furnace. To keep the house warm I have to set the thermostat at 75, which gets it to 66 in the house. Being able to add this thermostat would mean a savings in money and hopefully help me keep warm without 3 blankets!

  69. HECTOR CHACON says:


  70. Marco says:

    I should win because I think this would be an awesome thing to have!

  71. Kristine says:

    I should win because it will keep my family from turning our manual one up when I keep turning it down…please help!

  72. Angie says:

    I need a smart thermostat because I live in Alaska were it is 20 below zero outside. If I forget to turn down the heat before I leave I will be wasting a LOT of money!!! Please help me save money this winter!!!

  73. Lisa Moore says:

    I would love to win one because last year my husband was in a near fatal motorcycle accident…then I was diagnosed with cancer and our furnace isn’t working great. With minimal income and medical problems this would be an amazing blessing to our family of five! Thank you for considering us Vivent.

  74. Gerald D Gouchie says:

    Two words … energy conservation … and/or of course … energy savings … Pick one …

  75. Mary says:

    I love every new amazingly helpful gadget Vivint adds to their repertoire…from my Go! Panel to my state of the art smoke alarm to the medical pendant we got for my mother after she suffered a stroke…no need to add a different service to our home, Vivint monitors this as well! Have I mentioned how incredible it is that I can monitor my home via my cell phone?? Love that as well and would love to try the Energy Management Package!

  76. Michelle Fowler says:

    I REALLY need a new, digital thermostat considering that I am paralyzed and cannot stand to see my 20 yr. old thermostat. I need a family member to help me adjust the lever, plus I’ve also been told digital ones are much more accurate. Thanks for all you do!

  77. Darryl Lynch says:

    I should win because i have 24 volt relays just waiting to be used on my 240 volt electric heaters. Licenced to install!!

  78. Angel Muniz says:

    Hey Vivint, were the winners ever announced? I’ve checked your blog every day and havent seen the winners posted yet ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  79. sandra galarza says:

    It definetly exceptional. …..

  80. sandra galarza says:

    Top rated 5 stars…