friday caption contest


Give us the best caption or story and you'll win $25

Happy Friday! You made it through the week! The holidays are almost here, and Vivint would like to give you a little extra spending cash for whatever it might be.  Leave your best caption, explanation or story for the above picture in the comments below, and you could win one of four $25 giftcards to Chili’s, Macaroni Grill, Bath and Body Works, or Home Depot.

Be sure to leave your correct email address so that we can contact you if you win! Caption submissions end 11:59 PM MST Sunday, Nov 20th. We’ll contact the winners via email on Monday, Nov 21st.

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154 Responses to "friday caption contest"
  1. Wes says:

    Keeping you save from the world and the world safe from you.

  2. Donna Smith says:

    In or out, better hope you ain’t gotta pee!!!!!

  3. Ernie Reyes says:

    It would be faster for me just to unscrew the screws and take it off. Cause I always have to start backwards on mazes. So I’d be lost.

  4. Angel says:

    The Maze to happiness

  5. Joan Helms says:

    I’m amazed!

  6. Candace Ayers says:

    How bad do you need to go to the bathroom?!

  7. Luis Benvenutti says:

    The best child-proof lock, and it only takes 1 minute for an adult to unlock this…WoW!!!!!

  8. Mona says:

    One way to keep the teenagers from sneeking out quickly! You should see the windows.

  9. Janice Sealey says:

    Or……… you could have just called Vivint !

  10. susie morales says:

    Let’s see u maze your way!

  11. Bromwyn Smith says:

    You can upgrade to “Mouse Trap” for a few dollars more.

  12. Matt says:

    After the last three break-ins, Escher decided to protect his house as he knew best.

  13. Nancy says:

    It’s a-maze-ing the length some people will go to to feel safe when all they have to do is call Vivint!

  14. Victoria says:

    Home security shouldn’t have to be this complicated…

  15. chris orellana says:

    david bowie is at the center

  16. Tammy Bailey says:

    I see this as a fun lock, however if you have an emergency and need to escape this would not be a great idea (fire etc). And if you open the door partially up for a visitor and the chain is still there, if they want to get it, they can just rip the chain out of the wall. But whoever created this has a great imagination and I am glad a bolt lock is attached as well!

  17. Kat says:

    This is the perfect lock for an angry spouse: “I’m sorry honey, I’m trying to let you back in but I just can’t seem to figure out the maze” 🙂

  18. Nathan says:

    Never Leave the House Drunk Again!

  19. Beth says:

    “You’d be amazed at how often my mother in law gets locked out of the house”

  20. Mary H says:

    All this and they broke the chain…better call Vivint!

  21. Annie Oakley says:

    “Yes dear. I have come up with another diet idea for you!”

  22. Jennifer Berube says:

    The answer to the universe is behind this door. No peeking!

  23. Kristy Wallace says:

    Reason # 27 why a paranoid schizophrenic and an OCD patient shouldn’t procreate.

  24. Liz Fox says:

    how to make sure you don’t go looking for trouble when your drunk

  25. Alex says:

    One way of keeping my brain age young – installing this on the toilet door, ensuring my problem-solving faculties stay absolutely top of the range.

  26. Pam Jacobs says:

    And now for the ( you’ll never get out of here lock) sure hope that door doesn’t go to the bathroom.

  27. Tami Isaacks says:

    Mother in law’s key to our home.

  28. Tara Lamoreaux says:

    So we are safe unless a child unlocks it! Just like those perscription bottles!

  29. Annie Oakley says:

    Hopefully by the time I get the door open, the solicitors will go away!

  30. Tina Aull says:

    This is not as A MAZE ING as Vivint security!

  31. Jarom Poulsen says:

    If you are worried about security that much just maybe you need a Vivint security system because it tells you through your smartphone when a door has been opened and what time it was opened!!!

  32. Matthew Jones says:

    John’s roommates finely figured out a way to keep him from streaking when drunk.

  33. Bev Busse says:

    Forget it. Break a window.

  34. Sandra Wellborn says:

    25 Seconds from start to solve or this WILL EXPLODE!

  35. DJ says:

    I thought Beer Goggles was tough!

  36. Juliet says:

    Let a few Minotaurs in, and there goes the neighborhood.

  37. Michelle says:

    Like all of the other security companies out there…….made it harder then it needs to be and takes you nowhere!! (I know you had to trace the path!!!)

  38. Bill Eastburn says:

    This is great when you have nothing to read in the bathroom.

  39. Ranley says:

    the fly gets paranoid.

  40. Kathy says:

    Amazeing Grace

  41. Sam M. says:

    Want to keep teenage boys away from your teenage daughter? Just install this a-MAZE-ing new lock system!

  42. DarlaS says:

    Secure from all intruders, even PacMan Masters!

  43. Gerald Myers says:


  44. Alicia Bennett says:

    If you get through the maze you get a piece of cheese!

  45. Adrien Sala says:

    The Efficiency Lock: brought to you by the makers of US Energy Policy

  46. erica says:

    A door lock to keep a blonde entertained for decades.

  47. Heather says:

    What an a Mazing Idea!

  48. Tiffany M says:

    Employer installs new lock to interview door, says, “I only want to speak with motivated problem solvers.”

  49. Carrol McCain says:

    Install on the outside of your door. If the bad guys can figure out how to work it they can have whatever they want. I personally don’t think any of them are smart enough to figure it out.

  50. brian morris says:

    I’m no happy with my system I think i t suckkkkkksssss!

  51. Katherine says:

    What it takes to keep my Louboutin’s safe ;)) ;))

  52. carlene says:

    “ma’am, your pizza is getting cold”…..”I’m almost there – just a minute, I’ve almost got it! Wait! Don’t Leave!”

  53. dan peirce says:

    Intruders welcome.

  54. Vicki Young says:

    “I thought it was Friday not Monday?!!”

  55. carolyn plemons says:

    a-maze-ing grace – time on my hands!

  56. DeWayne Cummings says:

    Get the ultimate in door lock protection. Get “The Maze”.

  57. Ronald Kobrya says:

    there’s a simpler more secure way to protect your home…

  58. Pat says:

    Lock designed by committee

  59. Jason Soucie says:

    I never leave the house,its just to hard.

  60. Candie Knotts says:

    Hold on, just a moment!

  61. Michael Stults says:

    It’s a jungle out there…

  62. Jack says:

    A Vivint system makes this lock look like a child’s toy.

  63. Jeff says:

    Drunk door opening preventer?

  64. Jose says:

    Super genius lives here imagine what his toilet might look like

  65. Tani Sherwood says:

    Have fun playing Vivant’s latest app for your home. Every door has a different maze. You never be bored getting in or out of your house again! 10 mazes come with you free app for tons of fun. Upgrade for only .99 now and you’ll receive even more mazes plus the mazes on your doors will change daily so your fun of opening a door will. Ever end! Tell your friends. Don’t forget to rate us!

  66. Lisa Seaman says:

    Can’t seem to get to work on time? Call Vivint at 877-873-9883.

  67. Sally Smallwood says:

    With a lock like this one … You would have to have more security clearance than Fort Knox, just to figure it out. You could get in faster with an actual alarm system!

  68. Cassandra says:

    “If you can’t get out then, theoretically, no one can get in…right?”

  69. Jeff says:

    A-MAZE-ING security!

  70. Kristen says:

    This is only a test!


    Freedom doesn’t come easy!

  71. Steven Arthur says:

    The lagging world economy prompts Pac Man inventor, Toru Iwatani’s attempt at a career change into the home security market.

  72. Daniel Scott says:

    “David Bowie never could let go of his Labyrinth Days…”

  73. Mike Zarbock says:

    The pacman champion always needs to keep up on his skills

  74. Charles Gibardi says:

    Sad part is I did follow a route to unlock the chain.

    But, The chain is so long that the door will open wider than designed thus letting people in.

    No safety here.

  75. bob young says:

    Who’s there? Oh, OK, let me open the door. (5 minutes later) Just a sec.

  76. Tammie Elliott says:

    Harold hoped by the time his sixteen year old daughter got the door unlocked, that the boys would have given up and left.

  77. Toni says:

    You cant get there from here

  78. darryl lynch says:

    To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue.

  79. Susan macinnes says:

    To the resident teenagers… Let’s see if you can sneak out without waking me up now…

  80. Pamela says:

    On the second day of the new employee orientation, Dr. E. M. Pathy shows them the rat studies lab.

  81. T says:

    Yep, technology came in and the Kid’s Menu was changed forever. If it isn’t the most realistic maze game out there and related to criminality or violence, kids these days just aren’t interested. (Get your chicken nuggets now, kiddos! muwahaha)

  82. Ed P says:

    I never noticed just how beautiful a young woman my 16 year old had grown into… !!!!! Let me think… baseball bat,…no… shotgun, no….armed security guard, no….

  83. Jan Fee says:

    Finally!! A combination lock for a blind person.

  84. Suely C. Campos says:

    Be happy. Open your door only to friends

  85. Gabrielle Smith says:

    Hurry and unlock the door, I have to use the bathroom!

  86. Valerie Thomas says:

    If all roads lead to Rome. How come I’m on the wrong side of this door.

  87. Rishawna says:

    “At Vivint, we work on the reward system”

  88. Holly Wrigley says:

    May the force be with you!

  89. Rhonda says:

    An introvert lives here.

  90. Gabriel says:

    Welcome to my house! The Minotaur.

  91. Dave says:

    My girlfriend thought about getting a PFA against me, but then she realized I had no patience.

  92. Maria Gilbert says:

    “The Ultimate Ex lockout”

  93. Genevieve Brauns says:

    At Vivint, we’re all about uncomplicated safety, NO mazes !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Robin says:

    Where’s a mouse when you need one?

  95. Robin says:

    Time to unlock this door? 18 minutes. Time for an intruder to bust through it? 18 seconds.

  96. Elsie Johnson says:

    House Maze!


    Are all those locks neccesary? Could of saved time with VIVINT.

  98. Judy Farrar says:

    Decisions Decisions

  99. David says:

    The past is past, to day is to day, tomorrow is tomorrow , so , forget the past and be happy.

  100. KATE says:

    The best way to keep your enemies out. Just tell them you don’t know how to open the door.

  101. jason says:

    i wish i had more security?

  102. Juliana says:

    Stupid criminals need not apply.

  103. neely watson says:

    By the time you get the door open, the salesmen have usually already gone next door.

  104. Mike says:

    “just a second!”

  105. Zac Bogart says:

    If you can open this door, congratulations! You are not the front runner for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination!

  106. Linda Kauffman says:

    Open to find life’s answers…

  107. Isabel says:

    no one can leave until you find your way.

  108. Josh Kidd says:

    Surprisingly, this house just has a normal hedge garden.

  109. Dannielle says:

    Apples idea for a chastity belt. The ‘iPutoutfornobody’.

  110. Dannielle says:

    The best way to keep your loved one on a diet.

  111. Abraham says:

    Breaking news, Lab mice have finally outsmarted scientists. Negotiations are being made to free 5 remaining employees from the facility. Mice are requesting that not only should that they no longer have to run through a maze for food, but also that Mickey Mouse no longer be their ambassador.

  112. Hernando Tellez says:

    Just a New York minute.

  113. anita says:

    It’s all good when you don’t have to pee.

    Actually, it’s a pretty easy maze. If you really have to pee, it might not seem so easy, but it won’t zap or spray you if you get it wrong the first time. Try it. Don’t pee on yourself. Good job. I knew you could do it. Now you can pee.

  114. anita says:

    It’s all good when you don’t have to pee.

    Actually, it’s a pretty easy maze. If you really have to pee, it might not seem so easy, but it won’t zap or spray you if you get it wrong the first time. Try it. Don’t pee on yourself. Good job. I knew you could do it.

  115. Rich says:

    The door of the Lab Mouse’s Appartment

  116. David True says:

    My God, couldn’t you have picked an easier house to rob!

  117. Linda Iskow says:

    To my child (the escape artist):
    Try getting out now!

  118. Tim Goodwin says:

    Is there an App for that?

  119. bryson hunt says:

    it takes time makeing your home the safest it can be.

  120. Carol Lemke says:

    Happy Birthday Vi
    vant, your gift is behind this door…

  121. Judy says:

    Locked in life forever only Jesus knows the combination.

  122. Tim Duplisea says:

    The first security lock made specifically for research mice.

  123. Linda Bach says:

    ….And you thought the new security system from Vivint would be to difficult to program

  124. Kelly Lough says:

    When you choose Vivint ….. there is no weak link in your home security.
    Vivint…..Effortless Peace of MInd.

  125. Kelly Lough says:

    When you choose Vivint ….. there is no weak link in your home security.
    Vivint…..Effortless Peace of MInd.

  126. Chris C. says:

    Price of matching ugly holiday sweaters mother in law bought you for Xmas – $29
    Price of plane ticket for the in-laws holiday visit – $600
    Price of new lock on door – $2000
    Look on in-laws face when they realize they will never get through your door – priceless

  127. Avi says:

    Happy Sweet Sixteen Baby! You’re such a beautiful young woman. We love you very much.

    P.S. This year Daddy picked out your birthday gift!

  128. frances gloria says:

    Safety feature : THINK! Are you SURE you want to open the door?

  129. Raquel says:

    A-maaaze-ing gift for Game Junkies!! Beat the clock… Keep out or Get out in record time !

  130. Amy says:

    Upgrade to the pac-man version for free with one year subscription!

  131. Bonnie Olsen says:

    It’s amazing how much gets done when nobody cares about the credit!!!

  132. Chrissy Archer says:

    The guaranteed surefire way to be run up the stairs in a horror flick and be killed. Good thing we have Vivint instead!

  133. donavin says:

    doorknob 20$
    deadbolt 30$
    a lock that works priceless

  134. Linda says:

    You should have called Vivint, safer & easier!!

  135. Kelly Lough says:

    Puzzled about your home security ?
    Give Vivint a call, they have all of your security needs covered.

  136. Chris says:

    And if you touch the sides 30,000V.

  137. Anne says:

    Security for anyone who suffered through one too many summer driving vacations as a child…

  138. tom farmer says:

    dr suess finally got that job at the security company.

  139. Linda Jones says:

    This is not really a safe, I just want people to think I’m rich

  140. Jennifer Doss says:

    Fire? Fire? Fire!!! Where is the bypass on this thing!!

  141. L.Palm says:

    “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you”……. it’s just that easy!

  142. Krista Butler says:

    “Can you solve this before the cops get here?”

  143. Greg Riggs says:

    Just because something is more complicated, that does not mean it’s any more secure.

  144. Madi says:

    And people wonder why I’m always late for work.

  145. Brock Waters says:

    Being safe doesn’t have to be difficult… choose Vivint and make your security simple.

  146. Justin Davenport says:

    When Life is a maze why should everything else be? Vivint- Life Simplified

  147. Justin Davenport says:

    DeadBolt & Install- $85.00

    Art Lebedev Maze Lock- $50.00

    Pittbull & A Glock- $3500.00

    Peace of Mind through Vivint that Can Save you Jail Time?- $Priceless

  148. Justin Davenport says:

    p.s. i know my captions are too late, i just wanted to put them up because they made me laugh haha. hope you guys pick a good one!!!!

  149. Steven Athanas says:

    may the force be with you ….you’re gonna need it!

  150. Charles Brown says:

    Equipment does not work as promised, Billing is not as requested numerous calls and e-mails have failed to provide corrections. disatisfied ex customer.

    • Charles, We don’t like hearing that you are having problems with your system! Can you explain a little more about what types of problems you are having and we would be happy to further assist you. Thanks,