announcing the vivint gives back wildcard drawing


$25,000 for your charity.

If you’ve been voting for the Vivint Gives Back Project and your favorite charity isn’t anywhere close to the top ten, you may think that there’s no point in voting anymore. But there IS a point . . .

A Chance for $25,000 from Vivint Gives Back

Yes it’s true that the charity with the most votes overall will win $250,000 and the charities with the most votes from each region will win $100,000. But everyone else still has a chance for some money too. After the grand prize and regional prize winners have been chosen, all remaining charities who receive at least 5,000 votes will be placed in a drawing and the two charities whose names are drawn will be awarded $25,000 each. Want your charity to be included in our drawing? Then just keep voting. You can vote for one charity per day until August 27, so don’t stop now!

To vote now or learn more about our project, go to or call 801.705.6264.

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8 Responses to "announcing the vivint gives back wildcard drawing"
  1. Bryan says:

    Thanks for the info and the support of non profits

  2. Ellery Payton says:

    Love Vivint

  3. Aimee Allenback says:

    HOPE is what we needed. Thank you, Vivint.

  4. Sheri Gomez says:

    The company I work for is small by comparison to many of your other companies in the top ten. But Partnerships in Community Living makes a difference to the lives of the people that it serves. And is giving jobs to people in an area hard hit, with unemployment. Please consider us.

  5. May12th says:

    Great – thanks for the extra opportunity to win some funds

  6. PANNARD Eliane says:

    I live in France but I know you by my daughter who lives in Ashburn (VA) and I voted every day for Journey 4 a cure !!! Many thanks for this hope again !

    • Jenaé says:

      Thanks for posting your comment Elaine! Glad to hear our European friends are participating as well!

  7. Brett Carpenter says:

    Thanks for being creative and keeping things fresh. Surfer’s for Autism thanks you for your generosity whether we win any monies or not.