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Vivint Announces Customer and Tech Support Twitter Accounts

Have a question or concern about your Vivint account or system? We want to help.

There are a variety of ways to contact us and get the help you need. As always, you can call us toll-free at 800.216.5232 or visit But that’s not all. Vivint support departments are now on Twitter. You can follow us, learn from other posted questions, ask your own questions, and get answers just by using one of your favorite social media sites. (@VivintCS) Customer Support (@VivintTech) Tech Support (@VivintHome) Main Vivint Account

Before you tweet your first question, it’s important to know whether you should be contacting Customer Support or Tech Support. For questions about your account (billing, address, contact information, etc.) contact Customer Support. For issues with the functionality of your alarm system itself or its equipment, contact Tech Support. Tech Support is the best place to go for issues such as changing codes, setting up service appointments, reporting broken equipment, and receiving instructions on how to use the system.

At Vivint we are dedicated to making sure you are satisfied and have access to great service. Contact us anytime and let us answer your questions.

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  • Tracy Robeson

    Vivint stated earlier in an email to all of us current customers who initially were installed under the name APX, that we would be getting new signs in place of the previous APX signs in the front yard.

    Could you relay this communications to the appropriate party so that in securing an answer to the above conversation to including the following:

    When will the signs be replaced?
    Who will be delivering this new sign & placards
    Who is the POC if any, for further communcations?


    • Ian Bell

      We’re sending Vivint representatives to each customer’s home to replace the yard signs. We hope to have them all replaced within the next couple weeks. If you have any further questions, you’re welcome to ask them here, or you can call customer service at 1-800-216-5232 and they’ll help you out! Thanks!

      • Tanya

        They dont send anyone out to your house. Instead they send the signs through the mail.

    • Shannon Hutchison


      If I were you I would do your best to keep your current sign. The new ones are just an orange advertisement that says “Vivint” and a phone number and web address, just like the new window stickers.

      They say nothing about “Security”, “Monitored By”, Protected By”, etc. They do, in fact, look like a company advertisement staked out in the front yard.

      Remember, proper signage can deter up to 90% of burglaries, which are generally crimes of opportunity. Unless the criminals actually know who Vivint is, about the only way they will find out is if they enter in the web address on the sign before they disconnect and steal your computer!

      • Ian Bell

        We do have “Protected by Vivint” yard signs available, and would be happy to send you one if you would like! Thanks for posting your feedback!


    Someone replaced my APX sign yesterday with the new orange VIViNT sign, but the removed my little solar light and did not replace it. Why was I not allowed to keep the light?

    • Ian Bell

      Karen, I’m sorry that was taken! Please send me your contact information and we’ll get a new light out to you ASAP!

  • Evelyn Cruz

    Hola, I understood that you would be going by the homes to change the signs to Vivint Security? I have not heard from nobody as of today.

    • Ian Bell

      We’re sending Vivint representatives around to each customer’s home, we’ll have all the signs replaced by May 1st!

  • Jason Lester

    I’ve seem to have forgotten my password for my application on my phone. had to reapply the application as the program had froze. How do I get this?



    • Ian Bell


      you can contact technical support at 1-800-216-5232 ext 5040, and they will help you reset that. Or you can send me your contact information and I’ll have them give you a call!

  • Jackie Ashton

    Thanks Tracy. That was my question too about the signs being replaced.

  • Pat Zimmerman

    I have been trying to reack Patrick at 800-216-5232 x3098 for info on my account as to why I still have to make a payment when I paid off the acct when it was still Apx Alarm. I have tried in afternoon with busy signals. I have tried today & keeps ringing with no forward to a recorder. I have not paid anything yet as I want answers on my acct670448. I am a senior on social security & when I paid off acct, I deleted entry from budget for other bill paying. I need answers.

    • Ian Bell

      Thanks for posting Pat! We’ll have someone call you right away to get this taken care of for you!

  • William R. Jones

    We have one of your systems. The main control is down stairs, as well as the volume. The problem is we can not hear the volume upstairs. We have asked if there is something that can be done, and we have always been told not yet. Also we were told that the APX signage would be changed to Vivint, which has not. We would like to be able to hear if our alarm system has been tiggered, we spend most of our time upstairs. By the way, the last 3 times I have sent emails to your company (APX) I never heard back. I would really like someway to correct this problem. I really don’t want to change alarm company’s again.
    Thank You
    William R. Jones

    • Ian Bell


      We can definitely get you a secondary panel if you would like, that way you’ll be able to hear the alarm coming from both sources. We have Vivint representatives visiting each customer to replace their sign. We’ll have all the signs changed by May 1st. If you would like to purchase a secondary panel, you can send me your contact information and I’ll have someone call you right away, or you can call 1-800-216-5232, and they will help you out. Thanks for posting!

      • Robert Kanedy

        You don’t have a secondary panel that would produce noise. Please be more informed.

  • Robert Falk

    I am an older customer and have not received the new signage for my yard signs. I was an Apx customer and now with Vivint.

    • Ian Bell

      Thanks for posting! we’ll get one out to asap. (I edited out your address for security reasons.)

  • Shelly Fontaine

    I am a customer of Vivint. My neighbour also is one. My neighbour has received the new sign for the lawn a while ago but I have yet to receive mine. I also saw one of your vehicles parked at their home for a good portion of the day recently. I am not sure why your company would bring a sign for them and not one for my yard as well. This would have eliminated the cost of driving to the same place twice to place a sign on the lawn. A waste of dollars that we pay every month to your company.

    • Ian Bell


      Thanks for posting your concerns. I’m sorry that you have not received your sign yet. We are replacing all the signs, and there is a scheduling plan that maps that all out. That being said, if you can send me your contact information, we’ll get that sign out to you today! thanks!

  • Lawrence S Rubi

    1.I have had numerous technicians arrive late due to scheduling problems.
    2.I have had technicians in my home to solve the problems left by previous Vivint technicians.
    3.Good product, for the most part good technicians. Really bad scheduling and mid level management decisions regarding post sale client customer service.
    4. Hopefully upper level management will not ‘punish’ either the technicians or their Vivint customers for their lack of vision and long range planning.

  • Pam Dillon

    You had sent out information on the new products you were going to be providing. I am very interested in the surveillance system. I called in reference to that particular product and was told there was no information or pricing available. When will this product be available?

    • Ian Bell

      Great question Pam!
      Due to the situation in Japan, there has been a shortage of video camera’s. Several of the components are manufactured in the area, and so we’ve seen a slight delay. We’ll have them available as soon as possible however. Look for it near the beginning of next month. Thanks for posting!

  • scott poe

    Hi, still waiting for my 2 new yard signs, I was promised, that they were out re-placing, 1 out front, and 1 in my driveway, backyard facing the street?

  • M. J.. Cochran

    How do I go about cancelling my Vivint Security System as my situation has changed & I can no longer afford it. Thanks.

    • Ian Bell


      You’ll need to send a cancellation notice in to the company, once that is received our account resolution department will contact you to discuss the options. Thanks!

      • Tanya

        Where do we find the cancellation notice, or find out the cost of an early cancellation?

  • Jack Lewis

    I am very disappointed wirh the color of your new yard signs and the fact that they do not idenefy the company as being an alarm compahy as your APX signs did. You could be mistaken for a termite company or etc. I liked the color of the old signs better. i have read the letter you sent as to why you changed but i do not agree with it. Also the door stickers are unreadable unless you get right up against them. i am glad i still have my old signs.

  • Pam

    Could you please redo your window stickers so that they include “home security system”? The ones I receive only say “Vivint.”

    • Ian Bell

      Thanks for your feedback Pam. We’re always looking for ways to improve!

  • Shelly

    Vivint people came through my neighborhood a week or so ago. I didn’t get the new lighted sign like my neighbor got. Should I get a new sign or just keep the old one? And what about the stickers on windows and doors?

    Thanks for your time, Shelly

    • Ian Bell

      We’ll have all yard signs replaced by May 1st. We’ll also be sending out a package with new window and door stickers.
      thanks for posting!

  • J. R. Thompson

    I curently have your security system and recently installed a voice over IP system. I understand your system may not be compatible. Is this correct? If so, what do I need to do to continue my protection? You may call me at (713) 729-5375 if desired.
    Jim Thompson

    • Ian Bell

      Thanks Jim, I edited out your phone number for safety reasons. We’ll contact you to make sure that everything is working properly for you.

  • Judith Green

    Since you changed your name, I have heard nothing from you either via mail or to change the yard sign. What gives? If I didn’t have the computer I would not know about the name change or the yard sign. When can I expect a notice in the mail and someone to change the yard sign???????

    • Ian Bell

      We sent out a letter explaining the name change, if you didn’t receive that we can have another sent out to you!

  • joanne minuete

    I am concerned about the new signs. No one will know that Vivant is a security company. I want to keep my old sign too if Vivant is not identified as a security company.

  • James Madeja

    Please send me a new yard sign. The old APX sign is cracked and held together with tape.



  • Norm Aaro

    I received your new sign in the mail after calling to inquire about the delivery of the new signs. Not real happy with the appearance as the color does not have the visual recognition of “security” that the old “APX” and “ADT” signs in blue have. I hope the potential burglars have been notified that you are a security system as there is no indication of that on the sign. No window stickers were sent but I think my old ones ar more effective. Your company may be going in a new direction but I think your logo needs to be re-done…

  • John E Goldberger

    I received the new sticky tags in the mail. My concern is that nowhere on the tag is the word “alarm” or “security.” Does that mean that some of us will have to wait until some unsuspecting criminal attempts a break in before the crooks will realize what it is?

  • Marilyn Hamann

    I don’t like the new stickers. No one knows that you have an alarm system! The stickers do not have anything on them saying our home is protected by an alarm system! And the colors are barely visible to read! What good is this going to do us? I am extremely disappointed. Can’t wait until my contract is up!

    • Ian Bell

      Thanks for your feedback. We have received lots of feedback since we have rebranded, and we appreciate and internalize all of it. Thanks for posting!

  • Jeff Glenn

    I don’t think my security system works properly. We program it to “away ” and when we return, it is in the “stay ” mode. Is this a problem that I can correct or do you need to send a tech to correct it? Jeff Glenn 375 S. Ridge Rd. Silver City.

    • Ian Bell

      Thanks for posting. I’ll have technical support give you a call asap. Thanks!

  • Mary Hawley

    Thanks for the new lighted sign in our front yard, however, I was disappointed in the sense of pride and workmanship of the installer. The old APX alarm sign was left laying in the yard.
    From the comments below, I am not sure that I am disappointed that I did not receive the new stickers.

  • Julia Kolodziejski

    This is my second comment. First was deleted, maybe because my response was negative. I am very disappointed in the new vivint sign. In no way does it indicate my home is protected with a security system unless you walk up to the sign and read the “small print” (duh). I am sure someone could have come up with something better. It seems you are promoting your new business venture and forgetting how important security is nowadays. Having a “SECURITY” sign in front of your home helps to deter crime, this new sign does nothing to help protect my home. I am paying for security and protection of my home, not promoting your new ventures.

    • Ian Bell

      we make a point to not delete negative posts. We appreciate your feedback, as we’re constantly learning and growing as a company. We do have a yard sign that states “Protected by Vivint” and we’d be more than happy to get one of those out to you if you’re interested! Thanks for posting!

      • Julia Kolodziejski

        YES, I am interested in receiving the new signs which shows that your sign represents a SECURITY company. Also, your representative did not leave any stickers for my doors and windows when he was here. Would appreciat these too. I hope (and pray) the new signs are not orange. Orange does not indicate a security warning which is the purpose of a sign.

  • Monica Gray

    I had two APX signs in my yard. One in the front, which has now been replaced with the Vivint sign, and the other in the back next to a tree. I was told by the Reps at Apx that this tree gets great exposure to the public which was why a sign was placed there. This particular sign still states APX. I’m not sure if it was due to the snow or just forgotten to get stitched with a new Vivint sign. Sure would be nice to have the one in back be updated.

    • Ian Bell

      Sorry about that! If you can send me your contact information I’ll get another one sent out to you asap! thanks!

  • Leslie Carpenter

    Why havent I gotten my new signs for our new name with our new homw system ? Its still under APX…..Pleae send me my new signs and stickers,,,,Thank yoou

    • Ian Bell

      we’ll have them all replaced by May 1st. We’re sending representatives to each persons home! Let us know if you have any other questions! Thanks!

  • Jim Stennett

    I thought I was going to get a new yard sign with the name change. When will that happen?

    • Ian Bell


      We’ll be replacing all the yard signs by May 1st. A representative will come by to change that out for you!

  • Jackie

    I find it very difficult to read the yellow-orange print, especially the small stuff. Do I have to figure out how to change it or is that done on your end only? For readability and attention it is a poor choice of color for the net and the printed stuff.

    And I agree totally with the lack of information comments about the new signage. I want to keep my old sign. And I don;t plan to use the new stickers. Poor planning on someones’s part.

  • Carmen Maria Incorminias

    I have not yet received my new lawn sign. Please send asap.

    • Ian Bell

      We’ll be replacing all the yard signs by May 1st. A representative will come by to change that out for you!

  • Marion Tibesar

    I have not received my “new” sign as of yet and am concerned (as the others making comments) that there is not an indication that the sign states that the home is a secured residence with an alarm and monitoring system. Being this is the first line of defense to an intruder, don’t you think that it is an important thing to convey? I am really not interested in all the other bells and whistles you are currently promoting. I want individuals to know that if they they are thinking about breaking into my house, the police will be notified before they actually try to break in!

  • Amy Hudson

    How do I go about getting a new FOB for my keychain?

    • Ian Bell

      just give customer support a call at 1-800-216-5232 and they’ll be able to help you purchase a new keyfob!

  • pamela

    i need a letter from vivint to show my insurace company that you really are a security company and also that i am covered, Please let me know how I can get my hands on this letter.

    • Ian Bell

      Call in to customer support (1-800-216-5232) and let them know that you need a certificate on installation. They’ll get that worked out for you so that you can get your Homeowners insurance discounts. Thanks!

  • Edward Munz

    I believe the new Vivint sign on my front lawn does not really do much to warn anyone that my house is protected. APEX just sounded like a security system – I have no idea what Vivint sounds like. Perhaps a lawn care service? New siding or roof? It doesn’t even say “Home Security”, and white on orange is not even high contrast! I’m not impressed.

  • L Willows

    Print is tooooo small on the email, could hardly read it

  • Gary Parbery

    Our old APX sign was replaced by a Vivint sign and we are very disappointed in this sign. All it has is the Vivint logo along with a phone number. Nowhere on the sign does it say home security/alarm/24 hour protection etc. As far as we’re concerned it could be a sign for roof repairs, concrete repairs or any other thing. A would be robber does not know who Vivint is so this sign is no deterence at all. I’m very dissapointed in this and will probably change this Vivint sign back to APX which does identify itself as an alarm monitoring company

    Gary Parbery

    • Ian Bell

      Thanks for your feedback on the signs! We do have “protected by Vivint” yard signs available, and we can send those out to you if you would like. If you’re interested, send me your contact information and we’ll get one in the mail for you. You can also get one by calling in to customer support at 1-800-216-5232, and they’ll help you out with that. Thanks!

  • Thomas Pearson

    When do you deliever our new signs?

    • Ian Bell

      We’ll have them all swapped out by May 1st. A representative will be dropping by to take care of that for you soon. Thanks!

  • Billy Papili

    Hi…i recently recieved the new sign to replace my old APX one. They are terrible…It looks like it is…. an advertisement for your company and thats it. It states nothing about my house being alarmed by Vivint. I threw it out and luckly had an APX one in the back of my house with the solar light. Very disappointed……

  • Susie Edwards

    I read in some of your informational material that there is an option to have the security system without having to be hooked through home phone. I am really wanting to get rid of my home phone because I never use it but am having to continue to pay for it for the alarm system. I can’t find anything on the website. Probably not looking in the right place. Can you let me know where to find that info?

    • Ian Bell

      The Go!Control system communicates via a cellular signal. If you would like to upgrade to a new Go!Control package then you would be able to totally get rid of your home phone, and you’ll still have full protection. You can see more information about the system here:

  • Wanda McDaniel

    I, too, am concerned about the lack of information on the sign referring to any type security system being inhouse. Since the name is virtually unknown in this area, should not this be a concern?

  • Tonette waldon

    A adt rep stopped by and tried to sell me a system. When I told him I have you , and pointed to your new sign they did not have a any ideal what I was talking about. so I looked at your sign really good and guess what it does not have anything about alarm systems. So my ? Is how will burglar know…….

  • Sharon Stockmayer

    A representative came by this week and changed the sign in the front yard. However, I need 2 more signs and stickers as the signs at the back of the house and garage need to be changed also.
    Thank you.

  • Julia Kolodziejski

    Ian Bell….Thanks for your reply. YES, I am interested in the yard sign you referred to in your response of 3-30-11 “Protected by Vivint”. Why weren’t these signs initially installed? It sure would have saved Vivint and their customers all the negative responses. I sure hope the new signs are not the same color, as orange is definitely not a security color. Have you ever seen an orange police car, or one with orange lights? I am looking forward to my two new replacement signs , window and door stickers.

    Julia Kolodziejski

    • Ian Bell

      Great! If you can send me your contact information we’ll get that out to you ASAP. Thanks again!

  • Carla Austin

    I need to cancel my Account with Vivint. Who should I talk to?
    Because of the economy and my fixed income, I have to make adjustments
    with my Accounts. Unfortunately, you are one of them.
    Please reply…………………………..Mrs. Carla Austin

    • Jenaé

      Carla, thanks for posting your comment, I will get a representative to contact you asap to work out a solution for you. If you have any other questions please shoot me a line at

  • Alden S. Ward

    When are we going to get are new sign for are front yards to say Vivint?
    My still says APX. I live at 4181 NE 14th St Homestead Fl 33033.

    • Jenaé

      Hi Alden! We’ll have them all swapped out by May 1st. A representative will be dropping by to take care of that for you soon. Thanks!

  • Dorothy Streff

    I am not happy with the new orange signs as they do not even indicate that a security system is in place. The APX sign looked like a security system advertizement which might deter someone from checking out our house. Since I have never seen any TV advertizements about Vivint being a security system I don’t think a potential intruder would even be concerned. The other homes in my area still have the APX signs. even the one directly across the street. My orange sign looks like a displaced ornament with a word on it that no one even knows what it means.

  • Chip

    I love my new Go Panel. I love that it talks. The Tech was great, he was very nice. He had great courtesy, concern and knowledge.
    I was not concerned about the signs but it would be a good idea for it to say “monitored by.” Believe me career criminals know who Vivint is.
    The only minor thing is my cat sets off my motion dector so I set it for stay most of the time. Get tired of setting motion by pass. I have had 2 false alarms do to kitty. (meow) oops. Was hoping I could switch out the motion detector for a camera with out a huge cost or contract extention. Keep up the great work.

  • Lydia Secara

    Vivint stated earlier in an email to all of us current customers who initially were installed under the name APX, that we would be getting new signs in place of the previous APX signs in the front yard.

    Could you relay this communications to the appropriate party so that in securing an answer to the above conversation to including the following:

    When will the signs be replaced?
    Who will be delivering this new sign & placards
    Who is the POC if any, for further communcations?


    • Ian Bell

      Great questions! We’re sending Vivint Technicians to every customer’s home to replace their sign. We’re aiming to have them all replaced by May 1st. If you have any questions, you can post here, send me an e-mail (, or give Vivint customer support a call at 1-800-216-5232.

      Thanks for posting!

  • Tina Christie

    Apparently I’m not the first to complain about the new signs. I would like to have one that says something about security on it. I’m not thrilled about the bright orange sign in the front yard but I’d like it better if it at least stated “security or protection”. Otherwise it’s just an eyesore.
    What do I need to do to get a different one?

    • Jenaé

      Tina, I’ll have a rep send you a new sign that says “security” on it asap. If you have any further questions please contact me at Thanks for posting!

  • James Lawrence

    Still waiting for the new signs

  • John Oester

    Think I will keep my APEX sign! The new Vivint sign is awful looking. I don’t want that orange lolly pop in my yard. How much did Vivint (we) pay to come up with such a sorry looking yard sign?

  • Dennis Somers

    I was wondering when and how I can end my contract. My wife and i are getting a divorce and will be giving up the home. Please advise.

    • Ian Bell

      I’m sorry to hear about that. You can give a call to our Account Resolution department at 1-800-216-5232 ext 5020, or you can send me your contact information and I’ll have them give you a call. Thanks for posting!

  • Melissa Stuteville

    I stil havnt recvd the new sign I’n front of my house was jus wondering when we were goin to get that since it has a new name other than APX? thank you very much

    Melissa s

  • Jerry Potter

    My yard sign was changed while I was away from home. The new Vivint sign has nothing on it to let anyone know that I have a security system. I much prefer my old sign as I felt it was a deterent. The new sign just looks like an advertisement for your company, so I might as well get it out of my yard.

  • Joan Sheren

    I have not received my new outside sign yet it also needs alight on it like the old one, and I need stickers for my doors and windows.

  • Don & Evalyn Daverin

    Several months ago we were notified of the change in names of the company. In the letter we received, we were told that representative would be in our area soon to replace the yard sign and check out our current system. So far no one as contacted us. How soon will someone be in the Bakersfield, California area?

    • Ian Bell

      Vivint representatives are visiting each customer’s home, as we have 500,000+ customers, this has been no easy task. We hope to have all the signs replaced in this coming week, thanks for your patience!

  • Rosemary Tarnowski

    My neighbors and I formerly had APX Alarm and finally received our new Vivint yard signs. However, there are two problems. The new signs do NOT have an attached solar light for night time. What good is a sign at night if the burglars etc. can’t see we have the security system. Secondly, the orange sign with white lettering is VERY difficult to read…really bad design compared to the old APX alarm sign with the dark blue background. These are really low budget signs and I am thinking of going with another company.

    • Ian Bell

      We’ll get a solar light out to you ASAP. Thanks for posting!

  • Robert Berry

    These new signs look like Im advertising for the old cingular cell phone company In my opion they do nothing to tell the bad guys that i have a Alarm system. I know nothing will be done about it so Thanks for taking my Good sigh and giving me this stupid looking Orange Circle
    Robert Berry
    Durham NC

  • Mary Tinker

    In your interactions with people with a vision impairment the colors you use for your e-newsletter as well as your website are problematic. As we age it becomes more difficult for us to see some colors, red and orange are some of those. Also using the light grey font can also be very difficult to see clearly. I do hope you take this into consideration for making yourselves visable to all your current and potential customers.

  • Louise Joubert

    I have been waiting for the new company Vivinet signs to be placed at my home, in lieu of the old APX signs. I am just wondering when this will occur? I am also wondering if you will deliver new window stickers or decals to place around the house?

    Thank you,

    • Ian Bell

      Vivint representatives are visiting each customers home to replace your APX Alarm signs. We hope to have this process completed within the coming weeks. Thanks!

  • Jessica Knight

    I just had someone come out to my home last week, to replace my sign. They left the original APX Alarm sign on my front stoop… is this usual protocol? I figured since your tech was replacing my sign, they’d throw it out. I’m not very please with that.

    • Ian Bell

      Jessica, because the sign is still your property, we did not want to take it. You are free to do with it what you like. Thanks for posting!

  • Naomi Heldenbrand

    I still have NOT received my yard sign for Vivint. I got the stickers for the windows etc, several weeks ago and I got the light to place on a sign but no sign. I still have the APX sign.

    • Ian Bell

      Vivint representatives are visiting each customers home to replace your APX Alarm signs. We hope to have this process completed within the coming weeks. Thanks!

  • Jacqueline White

    “We do have “Protected by Vivint” yard signs available, and would be happy to send you one if you would like! Thanks for posting your feedback!”
    I would like to have one of these signs.

    • Ian Bell

      We’ll get one out to you ASAP. Thanks!

  • Robert Evans

    The light on the yard sign has been broken for a couple months and nobody seems to check and fix it. I noticed similar signs in the neiborhood all are liteup at night.

    • Ian Bell

      We’ll get that replaced for you. Thanks so much for posting!

  • Susan E Ertl


    • Ian Bell

      Will contact you shortly to answer that for you. If you have the Go!Control system, then you do not need a land line at all. If you have one of the older systems, then a land line may be required. We’ll get this taken care of for you today. Thanks so much!

  • Chris Campbell

    I hate the orange sign with VIVNT on it. I live in a fairly new housing track and there’s real estate signs all over. Twice now someone has rung my doorbell thinking it was an open house for the real estate company.

  • Jan Peterson


    • Ian Bell

      You can reach customer support at 1-800-216-5232. Also, all the APX Alarm e-mail address will work if you change the to

  • Herbert Barger

    The light blue typing on your newsletter is extremely difficult to read.

    Herb Barger

  • Stephen Moore

    Can you please have a representative/tech contact me to install the smoke alarm asap. Also I need documentation for my mortgage and insurance company that the work was done. Thanks.

    • Ian Bell

      If you can send me your contact information I’ll have someone contact you immediately about getting that set up for you. Alternatively, you can give customer support a call and they schedule that for you today! 1-800-216-5232.

  • judy berry

    Now that I’ve read all the other comments; maybe I don’t want my sign replaced? I don’t want a sign that doesn’t indicate that my home is protected by an alarm system; I’d rather have the old sign in that case.

  • Dave Qualls

    I do not want a sign that is just an advertisement for Vivint. I want a sign that indicates security by, monitored by or the like. Still waiting on sign since receiving a letter back in jan.

    • Ian Bell

      Dave, if you can send me your contact information, we’ll get you a sign that says “protected by Vivint” Thanks so much for posting!

  • Mary Coviello

    The new sign was replaced in my front yard but not in tne backyard. I want that “bright orange” sign to be seen in the back as well as the front yard.

    Thank you

  • Mary Coviello

    I should have added with my first coment that I need more stickers


    • Ian Bell

      Thanks Mary! we’ll be sure to send you out some stickers today!

  • Mark Summitt

    Seems that everyone is wondering about the signs too. After reading everything below, I’m concerned about Vivint as a company worthly of my hard earned dollars. Seems that getting out proper looking signs would be a priority.

  • Rosemary Ingram

    A couple of months ago an e-mail said you would be coming around and changing your signs in our yards. This is yet to happen. Do you know when our neighborhood (really our city, because I see APX signs all over) will get new signs?

    • Ian Bell

      Vivint representatives are visiting each customers home to replace your APX Alarm signs. We hope to have this process completed within the next few weeks. Thanks!

  • Sharon Woodruf

    OK, I have read all letters below and I seem to have the same questions
    It is almost May and our signs have not been replaced and it sounds like I don’t want too. We have one in the front of the house and one in the back. If it says nothing about what Vivint might be, why do I want the sign?
    Also if they take the lights, I certainly want others.
    It does not sound like this has been thought through for the customer side of things.
    Sharon Woodruff

    • Ian Bell

      Thanks for posting Sharon. We’ll be sure to get a sign in the mail for you ASAP!

  • robert stephens, ju.

    where’s the new signs!

    • Ian Bell

      Vivint representatives are visiting each customers home to replace your old signs. We hope to have this process completed within the coming weeks. Thanks!

  • Joe L. Allen Jr.

    On your last visit to my house your tech tried to repair the sensor in one of my bed rooms. I still have a problem I can’t enter “away” on the controls because once we do it sends an alarm and there is no one around. It has happened twice so we decided not to enter “away” . If it is not a problem to get someone back out to check it out. It would be deeply appreciated. Thanks

    • Ian Bell

      I’m sorry that you’ve had to deal with this issue! Can you send me your contact information? We’ll get a service appointment scheduled for you ASAP. Thanks!

  • janet heald

    this is something different do i get a new sign for my house since the company name has changed? just asking thank you please answer janet

    • Ian Bell

      Yes Janet,
      Vivint representatives are visiting each customers home to replace your old signs. We hope to have this process completed within the coming weeks. Thanks!

  • cassandra williams

    I have yet to receive the new vivint lighted sign. I have seen some vivint trucks in our neighborhood. It needs to have that it’s security monitered.

  • Erik Deutsch

    I agree with Shannon. The new signs are nothing more than an advertisement. In fact my Ing Mortgage uses the same orange ball.

    Please have one of your representatives come by and take the orange ball sign and replace it with a “Protected by Vivent” sign.

    • Ian Bell


      If you can send me your contact information, we’ll send you a Protected by Vivint sign ASAP. Thanks so much for commenting!

  • Dennis White

    When are we getting new signs for the yard? Stickers for the doors?

    • Ian Bell

      Vivint representatives are visiting each customer’s home to replace your APX Alarm signs. We hope to have this process completed within the coming weeks. Thanks!

  • Dean Sonnenberg

    As an APX customer, I too was inquiring about new signage and equipment. Would I also receive a new GO control panel and Thermostat?


    • Ian Bell

      regarding the new signs- Vivint representatives are visiting each customers home to replace your APX Alarm signs. We hope to have this process completed within the coming weeks.
      If you would like to add the Go!Control panel and the Smart Thermostat to your system you can give customer support (1-800-216-5232) a call and they can help you get that scheduled!

  • charles rozanski

    Recently your representatives came to my house and put a new sign on the front lawn. The sign simply says “VIVINT” My friends and neghbors kept asking me what that was all about. I finally took it down. Shouldn’t the sign
    specify that a burglar alarm is present in this house?
    Such as:
    This house is protected by an alarm
    system through the VIVINT company

    • Ian Bell

      We do have signs which state “Protected by Vivint”, If you’d like we can get one of those sent out to you. Please send me an e-mail with your contact information and we’ll get that taken care of for you asap. Thanks!

  • lisa bagg

    i am still waiting for an answer about the carbon mioxide detector location in my home.please have a tech get a hold of me for the answer,and to re-locate the detector.

    • Ian Bell

      If you can send me your contact information we’ll have someone give you a call ASAP to get this straightened out. thanks!

    • lisa bagg

      i called the 1800 number and the company sent a tech out and moved the detector.i hope others don’t have this problem.

  • Annette Lemire

    My old APX sign in the front of the house was replaced last week but they did not replace the second sign I have in the back of my property. Can you please arrange to have that done. I would prefer a sign that states “protected by”. Thanks

    • Ian Bell

      if you can send me your contact information we can ge another sign out to you. Thanks so much!

  • Rob Kroetsch

    Just a heads up that my two lit signs have not been replaced from the APX ones. Not a big deal but good advertising for your new name. Please send ones that say protected by please.

    • Ian Bell

      Rob, We’ll get those out to you ASAP. Thanks!

  • Ruthanne Schaffer

    All the old APEX signs have been replaced in my neighborhood weeks ago, well, all except ours. Will we be getting a new one?

    • Ian Bell

      If you could send me your contact information we’ll get some new Vivint signs out to you ASAP. Thanks!

  • Beth Robichaud

    I don’t like that the new signs do not state anything about a Security system. They are just the name on bright orange sign. Why would you remove the Security warning information?

  • Judi Haenel

    I have just returned from vacation to find the new VIVINT sign had replaced the old sign. I must say that I am very disappointed in its appearance. Surely, something about VIVINT providing security would forewarn woud be burglers that it would be to their best interest to move on. Having been burglarized while with a different company, I can tell you that it’s a lot easier to prevent a burglary than to deal with its aftermath. Is there any chance that your new company will reconsider their signage?

  • Becky Lanier

    I was wondering how I might be able to receive some window decals for vivint. I have the sign in the yard, but on all my doors and windows the old stickers for the old security system is displayed. would be nice to have some vivint decals. Please let me know how I might go about getting some. Thanks.

    • Ian Bell

      Please send me your home address and we’ll get those in the mail for you. Thanks!

  • Mike

    Vivint took over and my fee went up. Looking for ways to cancel

    • Ian Bell

      We’re the same company, we just changed our name. As a result, no fee’s were increased by us. Nothing in your agreement changed, so we won’t charge you more money for the duration of your agreement.

  • B. Morton

    I am surprised that Maryland is not in this tornado watch area. We had a tornado this evening. Since I have lived here, I can’t even count how many tornadoes have touched down in my area…it has been that many.

    Also, my alarm system is not working. It says the basement door is the problem. I would appreciate assistance with this.

    • Ian Bell

      We’re looking into expanding this functionality to other locales, and when that happens, we’ll be sure to announce those developments here and on our website at

      If you can send me your contact information, we’ll have someone give you a call today to get that basement door issue solved. Thanks for posting!

  • Dan

    How do I get one of those LED signs fer my house too? Ooooooh! I want one yeah!!!

    • Ian Bell

      If you can send me your contact information, we’ll get one sent out to you today! Thanks!

  • Sue Osterhout

    I was supposed to get a packet of energy saving light bulbs when I purchased your security system. Will they be sent to me, or was it just forgotten?

  • K Johnson

    I am interested in your product, but before I give up my current security system, I would like some referrals from people who have Viviant & are they satisfied!! I cannot find anything through the BBB under “Viviant” or “Apx” why? This tells me your company is not legitate.

    • Ian Bell

      If you search for Vivint (as opposed to Viviant) – you should be able to find all about us online. Also, you can take a look at our Facebook page- and see what people are saying there. Also, I would love to answer anything you would like to ask here, in the blog comments. Thanks so much!

  • Lupe Hernandez

    I am a Vivant customer and would like to know if I can upgrade from the “old” system to newer system? What are pros & cons of making the change? Please advise.

    • Ian Bell

      Lupe, you certainly can upgrade.

      The Go!Control panel is an upgrade in every way. It is much easier to use, it uses a cellular connection so you don’t have to worry about your phone lines being severed, and we can wirelessly update your panel with new software as it becomes available. If you’re interested- you can give us a call at 1-800-216-5232 and we’ll get that set up for you ASAP. Thanks!

  • jeremy

    When do you guys (vivint) plan on coming out with a z wave device to replace regular light switches so I can control all of the lights in my house instead of just lamps?

    • Ian Bell

      Great question Jeremy-
      This is something that we are currently developing, but we don’t have any other details to share at this time. We’ll be sure to share more information as it becomes available both here on our blog, as well as on our Website at Thanks for posting!

  • Anna Uden

    We are trying to cancel our Vivint account. We are within our 3 day trial. Customer service said we can e-mail or fax the written cancellation. We have faxed once and e-mailed twice. Apparently, the items have not been “attached” to our account yet, so the cancellation can not occur. Our deadline is today and I would like reassurance that this will be taken care of today and we will be cancelled and not put in a 42 month contract. Two reps claim we should be okay but I’m worried we won’t be. Please advise if an e-mail or fax received by the deadline is suffient and the the date and time that is attached to the document is NOT what is used to determine if you met the deadline.

    • Ian Bell


      The Fax time is what we go off of. All communication is noted when received, then it is attached to the accounts of the customer that sent it in. It can sometimes take a day or 2 for that attaching to occur, but the fax still has the original date it was received stamped on it. We will honor your request. Thanks so much for posting. If you have ANY other questions, feel free to let us know at 1-800-216-5232, or you can comment again here. Thanks so much!

  • Wendy Carr

    I can’t remember my password. Can you help me?

    • Ian Bell

      Wendy, we definitely can! Can you send me your contact information? We’ll contact you and get that taken care of. Thanks!

  • Carl Stelmack

    The new stickers I received for my doors and windows does NOT tell a burgler that Vivint is a alarm company! If someone comes to my back door to brake in they have no idea I have a security system because they don’t know who or what Vivint is! I think new stickers should be made up stating this! Thank You

    • Ian Bell

      Thanks for the feedback Carl. We’re looking into getting some stickers like this. We’ll let you know when they become available.


    If you have the vivint security system and move to a different state..Can you move the system from ohio to florida? Once you move to florida will Vivint come out to the house and put the security system into the new house in florida?

    • Ian Bell

      Yes Kevin,
      We will assist you in moving your system and we will pick it up and install it in your new home! You can see the details on our moves policy here: If you have any other questions you can speak to a moves representative at 1-800-216-5232.

  • Ashley Breuer

    I’m looking to cancel my account, there are only two options to cancelling. one is to transfer to someone else (ie family or friend) and the second option is to pay the balance. I’m looking for someone to take over my account. any suggestions on how to find someone to take over. none of my family or friends are interested.

  • Bryan Cantrell

    i am interested in the alarm controlled light switches what brand do i need to look for?

  • Kimberly

    I’m at home and I was wondering if I can set alarm to stay away. My parents are out but don’t have remote on their keychain. Could they just unlock the door and than go unarm it from the keypad when they come in? Thanks for your help!

    • Ian Bell

      You certainly can! When they open the door they’ll have a little bit of time to go and disarm the system via the panel. Great question!

  • Jon Luksch

    I have vivint with video monitoring, Want to add camera in my garage that is subject to freezing in the winter. I understand that the vivint cameras I have are not designed to be subjected to cold temps below freezing. What camera do you recommend to add to my system?

    • Jenaé

      Jon, we currently don’t have any outdoor cameras that can withstand freezing temperatures, however keep in mind that any z wave products (including cameras) are compatible with the Go!Control panel. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions:

  • Gail Oyer

    We have a DSL internet connection, and all electronic devices connected to the phone line are supposed to be filtered. We’ve been having connection problems ever since our Vivint system (which we like) was installed. This could be just coincidence, but the keypad is spliced directly into the phone line. Shouldn’t it be filtered? No one ever answered my question about why our “wireless” system is tied to the phone line. My previous post was removed from this site before the question was answered. I hope you’ll respond this time.


    • Jenaé

      Hi Gail,

      Thank you so much for reaching out to us on our blog. We’re sorry for the inconvience and for your situation. If you could please send me your contact information I can have someone call you back ASAP to get this resolved for you. We’d love the opportunity to fix this issue! email:

  • Jennifer Courtemanche

    I need a number and/or extension for Manuel in Account Resolutions. I have been unemployed since July 31, 2011, and tried to close our account on August 8 due to being down to my husband’s teaching salary and no disposable monthly income for alarm monitoring service fees. I believe Manuel was going to speak with me about something called Account Forgiveness (although, if it’s just paying money we don’t have to “pay off the remaining balance” of the “contract” or getting someone to take over the account for the remainder of the “contract”, these are unacceptable options at this time).

    • Ian Bell


      If you can send me your contact information I’ll have Manuel, or another Account Resolution supervisor contact you to get this resolved ASAP. Thanks so much for posting!

  • JM

    I have been waiting for a secondary panel that makes noise. I was told that there was a prototype and it was in testing mode and would be available January 1, 2012. I still don’t see it on your website. I am getting impatient and have had many false alarms because you can’t hear the alarm through your existing silent secondary panel.

    Please advise when a panel that makes noise will be available. This secondary panel is virtually useless.


    • Ian Bell

      If you can send me your contact information we should be able to help you out with this. Thanks for posting!

  • Dave Allard

    I keep hearing about having to cancel your contract 90 days before your contract end date or your contract will automatically be extended for an additional 3 years, is this true?

    • Ian Bell

      After the initial term, the contact turns into a year to year agreement. If you’d like to cancel, all you need to do is let us know in writing 30 days prior to the end of the term.

  • Ethan

    I had no idea that there are decal stickers I would love to have some if possible

    • Ian Bell

      We can do that Ethan! If you’ll send your contact info to us we’ll get that right out to you.

  • VR

    Is the TS1 secondary control pad with Touch screen available yet? I can’t stand the current secondary and have resorted to not even using the alarm because I can’t tell if its on or off when I get home.

    • Ian Bell

      It sure is! You can get it today by calling in to customer support 1-800-216-5232, or you can send us your contact information and request via email Thanks!

  • Jessica

    For a while I was using the app to control my system when I was away, but over the past two months or so I haven’t been able to get it to work. Today I looked in the app store and realized there’s an actual Vivint app, so I downloaded it thinking that surely it would work, but still nothing. Last night I finally got it to work really well for the first time and was able to control the alarm as well as the thermostat (which I always seem to have had problems with), but low and behold I woke up this morning and nothing. It’s getting really frustrating as I was always able to rely on the app when I would forget to arm the alarm before I left, but now I just have to hope that just maybe it won’t be one of the times someone decides to break into my house.

    • Ian Bell

      Jessica, I’m sorry that you’re having issues! If you can send us your contact information we can take a look at that for you, or you can call in to our technical support department and they’ll help you get that fixed immediately! Thanks!

  • Jaren P

    They have placed a sign in the front yard. Why do they not place one on my back fence?

    • Ian Bell

      All systems come with one sign, but i can get you another if you’d like! Send your contact information to me and we’ll get one out to you!

  • Jennifer Cardona


    I just got my alarm install this weekend. However after I did my math I found out that is was not the best deal for me. If I wanted to cancel my services is there a penalty fee?



    • Ian Bell

      Jennifer, if you’d like to cancel your system, please give customer support a call and they’ll help you out. There is no fee for cancellation if you are within your right of rescission. Thanks!

    • paula miller

      Just curious if they have picked up your system yet?

  • Andrew Sutton

    We had a 5 year agreement with APX now VIVINT. At the end of March my wife faxed as well as mailed a Notice of Cancellation as our agreement was due to end on May 15th 2012. I noticed that a payment was still deducted from my account yesterday when the agreement should have been cancelled. How do I get this rectified?

    • Ian Bell

      Andrew, if you can send me your contact information we’ll contact you about this and get it all straightened out. Thanks!

  • Liz Romrell

    Our Vivint yard sign is less than a year old and has already broken! The light snapped off and the metal rod broke clean in half. How do we go about getting this replaced? We are interested in a lit “Protected by Vivint” sign

    • Ian Bell

      Liz, if you can send me your contact information we’ll get a new sign out to you ASAP! Thanks!

  • tara

    i don’t think it is respectful for your company to automatically pull a person credit without them knowing until the end of a conversation that is depriving our rights. It shouldn’t have been done unless we actually wanted your service so for future reference tell your sales reps to ask is it okay before they start checking into peoples credit (it should only be done when they accept your service) Thank you I hope to hear this matter is corrected in the future

  • Becky

    I just moved into my new home & it has a vivint system already installed. Should we get he alarm activated? we do not know the password or anything to it, is their anyway it can get reset?

    • Ian Bell

      If you’d like to take over this system we can definitely get that going for you! Please email me your contact information and then we will give you a call to tell you about the process! Thanks!

  • Jeanne Failor

    I want to cancel my account. 932566 thank you

    • Customer Care


      Thank you so much for reaching out to us! If you are looking to cancel your account that would go through our Customer Loyalty department. They can be reached at (800) 216-5232 ext. 5020 and they will be happy to help you with the cancellation process.

      Best Regards,

  • Mitchell Claassen

    The full system is at a premium price and I have had nothing but premium service. There has never been any issue that did not get resolved quickly
    and professionally

  • Elizabeth

    1) How can I check the motion detector? One time when my son’s dog was here I forgot and “Armed-Away”, but the motion detector did not sound or alert.

    2) I was told that you would come replace the batteries when they needed replaced.

    Please email your response to the email address that you have for us. Thank you.

    • Customer Care


      Those are some great questions! If you armed the system to away and the motion detector did not go off it could need the batteries replaced or it might be caused by another issue.

      In regards to changing batteries if you need some assistance doing so please feel free to contact us at the following link and we will make sure you are taken care of as well as further diagnose the motion detector so that it will be working protecting your home and family.

      Best regards,

  • Megan

    We just got our system yesterday. Our internet went out this afternoon, but after it came back on we have been unable to view our camera feed on our phone apps. We are able to see the camera on the panel but it says that there is a problem connecting on the app. Any suggestions on how to fix this? We have already unplugged the router to reset it. Thank you

    • Customer Care


      The quickest way to get this fixed would be to call our 24/7 Customer Care department at 800-216-5232 or chat in at


  • fidel

    my front door doesnt announce front door open?

    • Customer Care


      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I would be happy to assist you in making sure we get those chime settings corrected. If you could send your phone or account # to I would be happy to resolve this for you.


  • CRStardist

    Need an additional vivint sign…

    • Customer Care


      We can totally get you a new sign! Send your phone number, account number, and verbal pass code to and we will get one sent out to you.


  • Jsc2014

    We have been in contract for several years and it was up this past month. We tried to discontinue our service. Made calls. Wrote emails. We where told we needed our account verbal password in order to cancel? Your staff said they would mail it to us! It’s been weeks and after reading more than a handful of horrible reviews we feel like victims in not being able to cancel our service. We can call you guys up and tack on a bunch of security features and as long as we are willing to pay upfront for it we can with out verbal passwords and what not but the second our contract us up we are sent through the knot hole. What gives?

    • Customer Care

      I’m sorry to hear about all of the issues you have had in regards to the requested cancellation of your account with us. In order to cancel you would need to send in a written notice of cancellation as well as provide verbal confirmation of that as well. The reason that our customer loyalty team asks for your verbal pass code is to verify that the person they are speaking with has permission to access and make changes to the account. If you do not know your verbal pass code we do have the ability to send those out in the mail and I would be happy to make sure that is sent out to you again if you have not received the previous one that was requested. If you could send your phone or account number to I would be happy to make sure this is resolved for you .