what does vivint mean?


Our name reflects our expanded goals. Home Automation. Energy Management. Home Security. Living Intelligently.

What does Vivint mean?

We chose the name “Vivint” because it combines the words “vive,” meaning to live, and “intelligent.” In all aspects, it represents the concept of living intelligently. That is our mission and goal—to help families build a simple, affordable home management system, where all devices work together intelligently to enhance safety and convenience and increase energy efficiency.


Orange is confident, straightforward, energetic, friendly,

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and fresh. We chose a color that would stand out in a crowd, yet be inviting at the same time.

Growth and Innovation.

Since our earliest days, we have recognized the need to continue to evolve to ensure future success. The name change from APX to Vivint is the latest example of that evolution. In 2009, we introduced the Go!Control panel with the idea of building a platform where we could launch additional services. Today,

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there are over 170,000 customers with this platform and more that 15,000 that are using our Energy Management package. In February of 2011, we introduced additional products that include automatic door locks, video surveillance, and lighting and small appliance controls. With the introduction of these new products and services, we have transitioned from a residential security company to a provider of simple, affordable home automation solutions. The name Vivint is a direct reflection on our company’s future direction—we are dedicated to helping our customers “live intelligently.”

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  • p. fielding

    I would like to have some customer service in Anchorage Alaska. I was sold a set of alarms, they iwere installed , I makepayments, the thing does not work, I am very sad that I bought into the “progam”. Maybe with a new owner this can be rectified and some customer service can be visbile, at least someone coming by to check the damn thing to make sure it is still in operation. RSVP SOON

    • Ian Bell

      Sure thing! We can have someone call or come by and make sure everything is working properly for you. We want to make sure each of our customers are having a beneficial experience. please send me your contact information and I’ll have someone give you a call ASAP. Thanks! socialmedia@vivint.com

  • Wesley Bright

    The new name sounds like a foreign sports car or fancy coffee at Starbucks. It does not register as a security monitoring service. The new signs which were put up in my yard yesterday are a joke. It simply read’s “vivint”, nothing else. No mention of home monitoring or security. As far as a criminal knows it’s a sign for home improvement being done. Fortunately they left my old APX signs so I was able to put them back up so criminals know I have home security protection. Thumbs down on the new name.

  • Ian Bell

    we never delete comments from the blog here. I’m terribly sorry for the situation that you’ve been through. Someone should be contacting you shortly to get these problems resolved for you. Thanks so much for posting!

  • Will

    What is the connection with Nike? I have seen the shoes in a couple of the videos you all have. Just curious.


    • Ian Bell

      We ordered our uniform shoes from them. They are made custom for the Vivint uniform!

      • Will

        Got to love some DriFit! Also, loop me in when outdoor cameras are ready for purchase and garage door open/close capability from your smartphone is out.

        • Will


  • robert jordan

    I am absolutely burnt out and tired…My vivint home security system has never worked correctly and I had the system installed because my home was burglarized. Tomorrow morning I am going to my bank and changing out my bank accounts, so that vivint can no longer draft their monthly fee. I have always paid my bills, but if something does not work as promised, and after numerous calls the company doesn’t even respond to me, this is on them.The end.

    • Ian Bell


      thanks for commenting. I’m terribly sorry for any frustration with your system! We’ll be contacting you shortly to get this all worked out. Thanks so much!

  • Molly

    I have been so frustrated with holding up to my end of my contract, paying monthly for both my home automation and security, only to be disappointed from the start. In as many months as I had the system, I had even more techs out to try and repair it to work properly. The home automation simply does not work in our home, which was the major selling point for myself and my husband. I have called and diplomatically plead my case to everyone in Accounts Resolutions only to be told that they can remove my home automation equipment and offer me less money per month….I am not looking to renegotiate my contract for a security system. I have had at least 5 techs here, including a lead tech, all of my z wave devices replaced, my panel replaced, and at this point, I no longer want to negotiate. I didn’t buy a car with a sunroof and leather seats only to be told that when they sunroof leaks and the seats peel, that the dealer can take them out and lower my payment by $100/month?? I have delivered on my part of the contract, Vivint hasn’t delivered the goods..not to mention, I was locked out of my house due to my automatic lock failing and Vivint said they were sending someone only to find out 2 hours later that “department had closed”. I had a Lead tech tell me himself that if what he did to repair my home automation didn’t work, then I should call Vivint and tell them based on how many techs I had visit my home since I had my system. I am alone during the week, my husband travels during the week all week, which appealed to us, and was one of the major selling factors for the home automation, but we have never had the ability to consistently use or utilize it. I have spoken to Josh, Chris, Spencer, Laura, all who claimed to be “advocates” for me, but all came back with an ability to successfully get me out of my contract. I don’t need an advocate. I need what I signed up for, and Vivint has been unable to deliver the goods. I was told by Josh that they have never cancelled an account, very telling, and then I was told to write a letter. It feels like I keep being put off while my bank account keeps being drafted. I don’t want to renegotiate, I just want this bad marriage to be over. Vivint’s equipment doesn’t work in my home. 5 techs have tried it. Now I’m outside of my 120 days and to have a tech out it would cost ME $49? Please someone help me.
    Sincerest thanks,

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  • Eric

    Do any of your employees wear gray? There was a man going through our neighborhood with a tablet that displayed all the aspects of the system, trying to sell systems. Is he legitimate?

    • http://vivint.com/ Customer Care


      That is a great questions. We recently posted on our blog about this exact thing. You can see the blog post here. ow.ly/wvbKm If you have any further questions please let us know!

      Best regards,