vivint automatic door locks

vivint automatic door locks

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Quick stats:

  • Motorized deadbolt
  • 128‐bit encryption
  • Two‐way functionality
  • Fits standard doors with no new screw holes required
  • Z‐Wave and ZigBee compatible
  • Built‐in SmartKey backup technology
  • Remote control: smart phone, security panel or Internet browser
  • Alarm sounds after three consecutive incorrect codes are entered
  • Check out the Vivint Automatic Door Locks Product page.

Control Your Locks From Anywhere

Vivint Kwikset automatic door locks are where home automation meet home security in the perfect universe. We can now provide you with complete control and security over one of the most fundamental aspects of your home, your doors. These keyless‐entry electronic locks can communicate wirelessly with your Go!Control panel, allowing you to check whether or not your doors are secured and automatically arm and disarm your security system. They also feature true remote locking and unlocking features, courtesy of a motorized deadbolt. This means you can now monitor and manage your locks using either a smart phone, an Internet browser and your Go!Control panel.

Our automatic door locks are unique in that they also include two‐way functionality—that is, your door lock can directly and wirelessly control your Go!Control panel, and vice versa. So essentially, your door lock can act as a secondary keypad that has access to your Go!Control panel. You can use up to 30 customizable codes to arm your Go!Control when the door is locked and disarm it when the door is unlocked.

Would you like to add Vivint Kwikset locks to your system?

Our door locks will add an incredible new dimension to your home. We’re confident you’ll not only be satisfied, but we can promise you’ll be amazed at the simplicity, ease & peace of mind you’ll experience with your new Vivint life. If you would like to add the Vivint automatic door locks to your Home Automation system, give our 24 hour customer support department a call today! 1-800-216-5232.