vivint lighting and small appliance controls

vivint lighting and small appliance controls

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Quick Stats:

  • Power 120VAC, 60Hz
  • Signal (Frequency) 908.42 MHz
  • Maximum load: 300 W incandescent
  • Wireless range: 100 ft. line of sight b/w controller and module
  • Compatible with all Z‐Wave
  • 1800W resistive
  • Maximum load for both outlets: 15 Amps
  • Check out the Vivint Lighting Control and Vivint Small Appliance Control product page

Remember the Jetsons? They lived smarter.

Here at Vivint we think it’s time to upgrade your home to the 21st century. Consider this: you’re on your way to work and forgot to turn off the coffee pot. Now it’s no problem. With our Vivint lighting and small appliance controls, all of which are Z‐Wave compatible, you can remotely control a wide range of common household devices. From curling irons to sprinkler systems to lamps, you can turn your appliances on and off remotely, using your smart phone, web‐enabled device (like an iPad) or an internet browser. Simply plug our module into a standard, 120‐volt outlet, plug your appliance or lamp into the module, and get ready to create a smart home network. Each module includes two outlets, giving you greater flexibility and ensuring you have enough space for every appliance you want to connect. Additionally you can control the ON/OFF and brightness level of a table or floor lamp remotely with your smartphone or laptop. You can also use with other Z‐Wave products to create a complete lighting control system.

Vivint. Simply Smarter.

We’re excited to help simplify your life. Our lighting & appliance controls will transform your home from ordinary, to an extraordinary place that allows you to focus your life on those things which matter most to you. If you would like to add the Vivint Lighting and Small Appliance control to your Home Automation system, give Vivint’s 24 hour customer support department a call today! 1-800-216-5232.