vivint glass break detector

vivint glass break detector

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The Vivint Smart Home Team

Quick Stats:

  • Two test LEDs
  • Dual shatter recognition technology: Reduces false alarms by monitoring for both stages of breaking glass—the initial blow and the shatter
  • Five‐year lithium battery
  • Features a 360° horizontal sensing angle that provides maximum detection    coverage, no matter where you put it
  • Tamper protected
  • Fully supervised
  • Check out the Vivint Glass Break Detector product page.

Industry insight:

In the industry there are two main existing types of glass break detectors: seismic and acoustic. It’s good to understand how both types work and why Vivint has chosen to produce acoustic detectors. A seismic sensor works as a basic shock sensor and must be mounted on the window itself or very close to it in order to feel the vibration of breaking glass. These sensors may often look cumbersome as the sensor must be attached on the glass itself.

How does a Vivint Glass Break Detector work?

The Vivint Glass Break Detector works acoustically and is tuned to specifically pick up the sound frequency at which glass breaks. It also uses dual‐shatter recognition technology to monitor for the two stages of breaking glass: it listens first for the initial blow and then for the sound of breaking glass. This dual‐stage monitoring drastically reduces the number of false alarms—it won’t be fooled by a tennis ball to the window.

Because the sensor is specifically designed for areas with multiple windows, one sensor alone can cover an entire room of windows. Since the sensor is also acoustically designed this tamper‐proof product can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, which allows for a discreet positioning in your home. And no matter where you place it, it provides maximum detection coverage with a 360° horizontal sensing angle.

And, like all our products, the glass break detector is fully monitored and communicates directly with the central monitoring station via the Go!Control panel.

Would you like a Vivint Glass Break Detector?

If you would like to add a Vivint Glass Break detector to your Vivint Home Automation System, give a call to Vivint customer support (1-800-216-5232) and they will take care of you!